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How to strengthen weak hair naturally

Whilst summertime in Tuscany is bliss, autumn beholds its own magic. The days are warm, and the nights are cool - and the air is alive with excitement as harvest-time begins. The scenery is also full of whimsy. Leaves turn golden, and russet before they blanket the ground. The result is a glorious landscape that sets the scene for festivals that have been traditional to the region for centuries. Read More

Macadamia, the Healthy Hair Ingredient

Macadamia nuts (sometimes referred to as seeds) aren’t just a delicious snack. They have a ton of benefits for your body and have been used in health and beauty treatments for centuries. You’ll find the oil pressed from the nuts in body lotions, in make-up brands, and in hair products. Read More

Healthy Hair Healthy Ingredients: Avocado

Avocados are arguably one of the most versatile fruits – yes, they’re actually a fruit! Rich in minerals and vitamins, they are used to add taste and sustenance to anything from salads to plain old toast. But their good use goes beyond nourishing us from the inside out. This superfood can have amazing benefits for […] Read More

Why aloe is good for you (and your hair!)

amazing ingredient for your hair Read More

The hair care wonders of soy protein.

Allow us to burnish you with some useful insight into this matter here at Rossano Ferretti. In particular, we would like to speak today of hydrolyzed soy protein, and the many ways in which it is far from an incidental element of our in-demand anti-ageing shampoo. Read More

Avocado oil: a truly special ingredient of the world’s finest shampoos

Many and rich are the associations enjoyed by the edible oil pressed from the fruit thought to have originated in South Central Mexico – the Persea Americana or Persea Grattissima, more popularly known as the avocado. Read More

Bambusa vulgaris sap extract and its role in making your hair bouncy and luscious

Run the rule down the list of key ingredients of our Grandioso volumising shampoo here at Rossano Ferretti Read More