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Curate the ultimate luxury hair care routine

Step out of the muses of your busy life and take a few moments to nurture your hair. Why? Because beautiful hair inspires confidence, a key to unlocking excitement and opportunities. This is the ethos of Rossano Ferretti Parma.

Continuing with our Italian legacy of luxury hair care, our team aspires to help individuals from all walks of life attain and maintain the hair of their dreams. Through due diligence, we have created a line of luxe hair products for different hair types, thus highlighting the importance of individualism.

“Together with our global team of top hair and beauty specialists, we have redefined luxury hair beauty for the 21st century, reinforcing our position as one of the world’s most desirable haircare brands.”

Rossano Ferretti

Before we continue, it’s essential that you know your hair type before you select the right routine for your hair needs and goals.

Ascertaining your hair type

A glance in the mirror will tell you if your hair is straight, wavey, curly, or coily. You can run your hands through your locks to ascertain if they’re thick or thin. However, hair concerns can often be harder to identify.

For example, if your hair frizzes, is it because it’s broken or lacks moisture, or is it a combination of both? Is your hair dull because of fading colour treatment, or does it need nourishment? Consider your previous haircare attempts and the condition of your hair, and then curate the ultimate luxury hair care routine using our product collections as a guide. If in doubt, you can always complete our simple (free) online hair quiz to discover the best hair products for you.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing routine with the nourishing shampoo, the repair and nourish mask and the satin glow booster spray.

Dolce Routine – For dry hair in need of nourishment & softness

Infuse your hair with moisture with the following Dolce hair routine:

Step 1: Cleanse your hair with a sulphate-free Repair & Nourish Shampoo.

Step 2: Soften and destress your tired tresses with a Repair & Nourish Mask.

Step 3: Reduce frizz and moisture loss during styling with our Satin Glow Booster

Using ingredients such as grape, ginseng, and hyaluronic acid to support the needs of dull, malnourished hair, this collection enhances hair for a silkier, shinier look.


Grandioso Routine – For fine or flat hair in need of volume & root-liftingImage of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Grandioso volumizing routine with the extra volume shampoo, the volumizing conditioner and the volumizing spray.

Use the Grandioso collection to add buoyancy to your strands for a volumized look:

Step 1: Inject volume into your strands while cleansing them with a volumizing shampoo.

Step 2: Condition your hair with Grandioso’s softening formula without weighing down locks.

Step 3: Use the root-lifting volumizing spray to add bounce without sticky residue.

Adorned with botanicals but won’t weigh fine hair down, the Grandioso collection is designed to help hair look and feel volumized, while maintaining a healthy glow.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Vita rejuvenating routine with the rejuvenating shampoo, the rejuvenating mask and the rejuvenating serum.Vita Routine – For weak, thin, or ageing hair in need of rejuvenation & fullness

Add new life to your locks with the energizing Vita routine for weak, thin, aging, or listless hair:

Step 1: Wash your hair with a rejuvenating formula created to stimulate healthy hair growth.

Step 2: Use the powerful yet lightweight hair mask to restore moisture for softer, pliable hair.

Step 3: Swathe damp hair in a scalp-stimulating, weightless serum to plump up strands and improve circulation.

Inspired by autumn rains revitalizing the Tuscany countryside, this luxury hair routine revives and restores tired, thin or aging hair back to optimal health.


Intenso Routine – For ultra-thick, coarse hair in need of discipline & smoothness Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Intenso smoothing routine with the moisturising & smoothing shampoo, the softening & smoothing mask and the softening & smoothing serum.

Tame thick, unruly locks into shape with our award-winning Intenso routine:

Step 1: Smoothen your locks while you cleanse them with a rich, moisturizing hair shampoo.

Step 2: Use the Intenso hair mask to relax and harmonize stressed and tangled tresses.

Step 3: Reduce breakage while smoothing flyaways for a more defined hair look.

Indulge in the sweet, subtle scents of amber and mixed spices when you apply the taming formulas our Intenso collection offers.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Men's Anti Hair Fall routine with Vita rejuvenating shampoo, Grandioso volumising conditioner and Vita rejuvenating serum.Men’s Anti Hair Fall Routine – for men in need of scalp stimulation & healthy, fuller regrowth

Catering to everyone, our innovative Men’s Anti Hair Fall Routine promotes thick, lush hair:

Step 1: Use Vita Rejuvenating shampoo to clarify your scalp, thus stimulating fuller growth.

Step 2: Add bounce with a weightless volumizing conditioner designed to soften and add bounce.

Step 3: A perfect finishing touch, Vita serum can be used to stimulate scalp circulation.

Meticulously curated to promote hair health, this routine helps prevent hair loss while encouraging strands to grow thicker and stronger.


We know how exciting life can be, and we don’t want to hold you from it; that’s why each of our routines features 3 easy, indulgent steps.

Divertiti (enjoy)…