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Rossano Ferretti’s personal guide to Parma, Italy

Escape with me to the exquisite streets of Parma, Italy, my home and the birthplace of the first Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa.

I’m Rossano Ferretti, and Parma is my city of choice.

Encapsulating the authenticity of Italy, this city bursts with individualism while maintaining a rich culture that spans centuries. Here, you can both revel in the warmth of human contact and then lose yourself in the safe depths of art, architecture, fine food, and fashion. It’s a place of discovery in all forms.

This is why I choose to tribute my passion for beautiful hair to Parma. The atmosphere defines the essence of my belief in natural, gentle, luxurious hair care.

Now, walk with me through the city.

The Parma Hair Spa

Starting where my journey began, the Rossano Ferretti HairSpa nestles on the main floor of the Renaissance-style palazzo found on Strada Repubblica. This used to be decumanus maximus, the main street during Roman times.

This hair spa stands strong and remains popular, a true indication that a stroke of intuition can withstand the test of time – and that Italians share my love for favoloso hair.


I’d like to think that the Parma hair spa forms part of the local art scene. It certainly has been inspired by it.

A brisk 5-minute walk takes you to fascinating displays. Various epochs and styles meld to create a realm of ingenuity, encompassing the erudition of Correggio, the Farnese epoch, the splendour of the Teatro Regio, and the legendary Archduchess Marie Louise of Austria and Napoleon.

Significant to Rossano Ferretti Parma is the il Museo Bodoniano. This museum hosts the work of Giambattista Bodoni, whose typeface designs are shared on our line’s packaging.

Places to visit:

  • Cathedral
  • Battistero
  • Teatro Regio
  • Palazzo della Pilotta
  • Teatro Farnese
  • Museo Bodoniano
  • Camera della Badessa
  • Basilica S. Maria della Steccata
  • Giovanni Church


While you meander, draw in the sights of ancient and modern architecture. My favourites are Deconsacrated Churces and Palazzo del Governatore.

Wrapped and adorned in medieval history and Roman reign, these historic monuments exemplify Italy’s rich heritage. On entering each building, your senses are engulfed by architectural details that whisk you back in time.

Places to visit:

  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Complesso della Pilotta
  • Piazza della Pace
  • Palazzo Ducale
  • Parco Ducale
  • Palazzo Marchi
  • Palazzo del Podestà
  • Palazzo della Riserva
  • Palazzo Vescovile
  • Auditorium Paganini
  • Palazzo del Governatore
  • Deconsacrated Churces

Gourmet / where to eat

Take a break and refuel at one of several gourmet cafes and restaurants. Defined as Italy’s culinary mecca, Parma is renowned for its delicacies, including Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano (parma cheese) – my personal favourite. In fact, I like to take a little Parmigiano with me whenever I travel internationally (which is often!).

Many of the region’s delicacies are vacuum-packed so you can take them home to enjoy. However, the best food is experienced at the local eateries.

Places to visit:

  • Antica salumeria Rastelli (gastronomia)
  • La Beccheria (gastronomia)
  • Rural (gastronomia)
  • La Prosciutteria (gastronomia)
  • Ai Due Platani (lunch and dinner)
  • Parma Rotta (lunch and dinner)
  • Cocchi (lunch and dinner)
  • Da Pepèn (a snack or aperitivo)
  • Osteria di Fornio (lunch and dinner)
  • La Gelateria (ice cream)
  • Ciacco (ice cream)
  • Meltemi (lunch and dinner)
  • S Bruno (gourmet pizza)
  • San Martino (thin and crunchy pizza)

Delightfully, this city is also starting to distinguish itself for its wine, such as that of our friend Camillo Donati, a pioneer of natural production. A bottle of his Malvasia is our treat!


Parma is the pinnacle of sophistication, and style is very important here. Together, we celebrate fashion and freedom of expression. The locals take pride in their appearance, regardless of age or status. Every aspect of self-care is dedicated to individualism and elegance, from skin and make-up to clothes, shoes, and accessories. This, of course, includes hair!

Places to shop:

  • Oluxury (man, woman, child, home)
  • Gustavia (woman)
  • Jais (woman, home)
  • Marisa Castaldini (home)
  • Gianbertone (man, woman )
  • 333 (man, woman)
  • Rooms (man)
  • Soffio (man)
  • Happydays (child)
  • La Cicogna (child)

Where to sleep

Rest easy at one of the many luxury hotels and guest houses, or choose a self-catering option for a more homely experience. Surrounded by picturesque views of the city, Parma’s places of refuge ensure rest and relaxation between the lively hustle and bustle experiences.

Places to stay:

  • Grand Hotel de la Ville
  • Villino di Porporano
  • Pio B&B

One day out of town

Parma is lavished with surrounding green mountains and grasslands with rivers. The terrain is lush and interesting and holds several treasures that tourists enjoy exploring. But my personal favourite is The Labirinto della Masone. This is the largest maze in the world, made entirely from bamboo plants. Magnificent is an understatement, and even the people of Parma don’t tire of losing themselves in a game of getting lost! The maze also features art collections, a bookshop, a venue for concerts and events, a bar, and a restaurant.

The people are friendly, and the atmosphere is welcoming. Parma is a place that invites and welcomes you…and you’ll leave with its lingering presence in your heart and treasured memories to last a lifetime.

I’d also like to extend an invitation to visit our other hair spas; a luxurious globe-trotting experience awaits!

Ciao for now,