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Summer campaign

Summer Campaign 2021 – A Summer’s Day in the Italian Riviera

We invite you to a charming close up of our latest Italian designer haircare campaign: A Summer’s Day in the Italian Riviera.

Take a moment…

To begin and in order to gain a true sensorial understanding of this Italian culture-rich campaign we Summer campaignask that you close your eyes and picture the following… A bright yet hazy sun beams down from a bright blue sky. The warm air embraces you, carrying scents of roasting coffee beans, lemon and orange trees that have burst into bloom and sweetened by the scent of vanilla from the local pasticceria. The soothing sound of gentle waves brushing against pebbled sand, rhythmic and calming is interrupted now and then with rooftop birdsong and the distant laughter and conversation as espresso cups clatter together in the local café. Your ears catch the sound of Verdi, played on the violin of a local busker. An everyday scene that plays out whilst the local town residents take a moment to peep from their pastel-coloured homes to witness the day’s events. This, is the beautiful town of Sestri Levante, a quaint, idyllic and charming seaside town along the Italian Riviera, and the setting of our Summer campaign. Resonating with style and charm, the sweeping shore of the Italian Riviera curves between France’s Côte d’Azur and Tuscany. We found the natural beauty and soothing Italian atmosphere of Baia del Silenzio in Sestri Levante the perfect place for our latest campaign.

It’s time to celebrate

Summer campaignCelebrating togetherness and freedom, our new Summer campaign expresses the joy and gentle relief many of us are feeling right now or hope to feel in the coming weeks and months. The rippling effect of emotions and feelings being revived across the land now that we can once again enjoy the simplistic yet unmatched beauty of a Summer breeze, together. The freedom to embrace, to love and to nurture. Let us rejoice with loved ones and celebrate love, life and uniqueness, now –and always.

The Rossano Ferretti mantra has always been centred around celebrating unique and natural hair beauty. Rossano has told many of his clients over the years: “you and your hair are unique, and that is what makes you beautiful”. Our Rossano Ferretti Parma products epitomise Italian designer haircare, using innovative technology, unmatched craftmanship and a very specific eye for quality only found within our talented team of Italian hair artisans. We love nothing more than to inspire people to embrace their hair uniqueness, individuality and natural beauty. Let your hair rustle gently in the Summer breeze. Let the warm sunshine paint your hair with its shimmer and glow. Adore the Summer and your hair for all it is: beautiful and natural.

Reminiscent of every unique hair type and texture, enjoy the eccentricities and unique characteristics from the beautiful Italian Riviera in our latest campaign. Watch the video now.


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