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The best hair care routine for Spring

There is no time quite like spring. This is when the earth awakens and stretches its arms, welcoming new life and adding a hint of promise to the air. In Italy, we say, “Il sole esce dal suo letargo invernale e splende radioso nel Cielo,” which translates to, “the sun comes out from its winter hibernation and shines bright in the sky.”

Like the warm spring sun, we like to add shine and life to hair. This is our passion. That’s why we encourage our clients to change hair care routines once the air stirs and Primavera unfolds.


What is a hair care routine?

You are worthy of every bit of self-love, including a healthy hair care routine. This routine involves exploring your hair type and goals and then creating daily or weekly steps to enhance your locks and reach your vision.

Hair routines include using the right products, following healthy hair practices, and avoiding measures that can harm your tresses. While there’s no “one size fits all” approach to the best hair care routine, most steps include cleansing, moisturising, nourishing, and protecting hair.


Why is it important to update your hair care routine for Spring?

With the warmer weather comes frizz-inducing humidity and heat that instigates greasy and limp locks. This means you need to accommodate new products and practices that support your changing or changed hair needs.


“Heat is needed for life, love, and laughter – but used in excess, it can cause havoc on your hair.”

Rossano Ferretti


How do hair care needs change from Winter to Spring?

You may not have to concern yourself with dry tresses as moisture returns to the air but caring for your locks in Spring still requires some tender love and care. The heat from the sun can damage and break strands, for starters – and then there are swimming pool chemicals and salt water that make their own fuss. Remember, many of us like to refresh our hair colour come Spring, which can also take a toll on our strands.

The secret is to update your spring hair care routine and succumb to your hair’s new needs. The good news is that the process can be simple yet luxuriously sophisticated.


How to update your Spring hair care routine?

Knowing how to build a hair care routine doesn’t have to be complex. You just need to set a little time aside for some self-care – and you need the best hair care products, naturalmente.

Our Italian designer hair artists recommend starting with a scalp and hair detox to remove product build-up and unclog pores.

Try our Prodigio Scalp Scrub for optimal results. Infused with energising ingredients, this formula can be used to kickstart and maintain lighter, cleaner, and rebalanced spring hair.

Next, invest in a treatment that will revive hibernating winter hair so that you can embrace your natural hair beauty.

Our go-to for intense repair and restoration is Prodigio Regenerating Pre-Wash Mask Treatment. Apply this formula to the lengths of your strands before washing your hair to deeply hydrate and nourish your tresses. Bask in noticeably instant results; it’s fantastico.

Continue by following the perfect pre-curated hair care routine or mix and match products for a more personalised hair care routine. Once again, our Rossano Ferretti Hair maestros suggest the following:

Dolce Nourishing Routine for hair that’s been dried out during the winter months and is in desperate need of a moisture boost. This collection is suitable for all medium thickness hair types and adoringly works to nourish, soften, and repair hair for a springtime glow.

Grandioso Volumising Routine can be applied to fine, flat, dull, or limp hair that needs springtime pep and buoyancy. The collection uses naturally derived ingredients to liven and energise hair so that it keeps up with the hustle and bustle of the new season.

Intenso Smoothing Routine has been formulated for coarse, unruly hair. It’s the perfect fit for an ultra-thick hair care routine where locks needto be tamed and smoothened without harsh chemical interference. Each step focuses on deeply hydrating and disciplining hair so that it behaves in warmer, wetter weather.

Vita Rejuvenating Routine awakens tired, aging hair. Like spring, it brings new life to hair for strands that are supple and youthful. The formulas add vitality to depleted winter hair while improving hair growth for the fresh new season.

The best hair care routines feature natural, paraben and sulfate-free formulas that help revive, maintain, and protect healthy hair from the elements and stringent styling. This is why our products are created to support your hair needs in a gentle manner, ensuring a bountiful season bursting with confidence and radiant hair.