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We’re Open! The Benefits of Visiting a Professional Hair Salon After Lockdown

When we made our New Year’s resolutions for 2020, no one anticipated that the novel Covid-19 would wreak havoc worldwide. Who would have guessed that our days as we knew them would come to a sudden halt? The good news is that we are slowly phasing out of lockdown and many of our salons have reopened. This means that you can get your hair professionally managed once again!

You can look forward to the reopening of the following branches:

Abu Dhabi, Belgrade, Chiavari, Dubai, Madrid Pozuelo, Monaco, Parma, Rome, Verona, Vienna

How Are We Going to Look After You?

Our very first priority, over and above making you look good and feeling great, is to ensure that your health and safety is considered at all times. That’s why we have implemented new protective measures and practices in our salons so that the risk of infection is reduced as much as possible.

Firstly, our staff members have been trained on how to best practice additional hygiene procedures within and beyond the salon. They are expected to wash and sanitise their hands frequently and they will also be wearing surgical grade masks at all times. Staff members who show symptoms of fever, a cough or difficulty breathing will be asked to stay home until they have been tested negative for the Covid-19 virus.

While we have always taken hygiene very seriously, we have certainly become even more stringent when it comes to sanitising our venues, tools, and equipment. Each station will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised after we have attended to a client and floors and surfaces will also be attended to more regularly.

We will also be applying social distancing by accommodating clients at stations that have been placed at good distances from each other.

Lastly, we will be communicating with each of our clients prior to their appointment and we will kindly remind them to:

  •  Make use of the hand sanitiser provided in the salon
  •  To consider social distancing when it comes to manoeuvring around the salon
  •  To wear a mask as often as possible
  •  To refrain from touching surfaces and tools unnecessarily
  •   To postpone appointments if they are not feeling well or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19

While these strict measures may change the salon experience, we do deem them necessary and they will be applied out of respect to all of our patrons.

Despite our new changes, however, we are still excited to be getting back to business as usual and we look forward to treating our clients once again.

Remember – going to a professional salon for hair maintenance, a colour or even a wash and blow-dry has many benefits – especially after weeks of lockdown where your hair has probably been an afterthought.

The 5 Benefits of Visiting a Professional Hair Salon

1. Expertise

Whether you go in for a new cut and colour or a quick wash and blow-wave, you can enjoy services rendered by professionals who have trained and studied in their area for many years before then gaining significant experience. Professional stylists know which techniques will work on your hair to compliment you and suit your needs. They stay on top of new processes that keep you looking great and they have excellent background knowledge on which products will work wonders on different hair-types.

At Rossano Ferretti, our stylists are also encouraged to continue with their educationso that they are up-to-date on beauty and wellness standards, products, equipment, and techniques.

2. Experience

After weeks in lockdown, treating yourself to professional haircare will be a treat. You’ll have a different environment to enjoy and you’ll walk out of the salon feeling rejuvenated and even a little entertained.

Salons tend to have an atmosphere of positivity as stylists work their magic and make people feel better about their looks and themselves. Which brings us to our next point.

3. Stress Relief

Scheduling a professional hair appointment ensures a bit of pampering designed for you. You can sit back in a luxury salon chair and take a break from your routine while you decompress from work and other stresses in life (a necessity in the stressful and uncertain time we have found ourselves in). Even a quick trim offers relaxation and much-needed downtime.

4. Professional Products

Rossano Ferretti hair salons have access to the best hair products that aren’t available in other salons. These products are created using researched formulas that allow you to maintain salon-quality hair from your own home.At Rossano Ferretti, for example, we have a line of high-calibre products that allow you to pamper yourself in between salon visits.

5. Appearance Boost

With the Covid-19 pandemic creating world-wide grief and worry, it’s sufficed to say that we could all do with a bit of a mood booster – and sometimes the best thing to help your mood is a new look. Professional hair stylists will indulge you with a fresh style or revitalise your current one. Their expertise will offer professional advice on the best colours/balayages or styles for you. And remember, a knowledgeable stylist is also very likely to suggest a great idea you may not have stumbled upon on your own!

* We look forward to meeting with our clients old and new and as a last note of surety, please note that our entire team will continue to stay informed on the latest developments ofCOVID-19. We will follow the advice given by our healthcare providersas well as our national and local public health authorities on how to protect ourselves and importantly, our clients from COVID-19.

If you can’t visit a salon then you can still share the RF salon experience by using products from our award winning haircare range.