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How to Get Super Shiny Hair

We’ll get straight to the point. The real source for shiny hair starts with a healthy well-balanced diet.  While there are many products that can enhance hair for a glossy look, naturally shiny hair relies on a long-term commitment to eating all the right foods. Pair nutrition with a few “tricks of the trade”, and you’ll have vibrant wholesome hair that, as Rihanna puts it, “shines bright like a diamond”!

The question is – what qualifies as a good diet for super shiny locks?

According to most experts, shiny hair growth relies on nutrients from the following food sources:

  • Leafy greens
  • Beets
  • Beans
  • Fish
  • Red meat

These food sources are rich in iron and protein, which are necessary for growing strong and energized strands.

Experts suggest that diet full of vitamin A, vitamin C, silica, and omega-3 fatty acids can help to add luster to hair

Other than eating right, there are other ways to get gleamy locks. Shall we share our secrets with you?

Tips to Get Super Shiny Hair

It’s all about super smooth strands.

Scientifically speaking, the smoother the cuticle of a hair strand is, the more light it reflects. On the other hand, if a cuticle is damaged, then the cracks and crevices absorb light, which makes hair look dull and lifeless.

For smoother cuticle strands, we suggest that you:

Go Sulfate-Free

Sulfates are chemical cleaning agents that are a cheap and easy way to clean but they’re not very helpful when it comes to maintaining healthy locks. This is because they tend to dry out your hair and scalp, stripping them of essential oils. A quality sulfate-free shampoo will be gentle on your strands. It will encourage the production of natural oils needed to soften and smoothen hair cuticles without leaving your locks greasy and weighed down.

If your hair has been colored, then using a sulfate-free color maintenance shampoo will also make all the difference. You’ll actively keep your new color vibrant and brighter for longer.

When it comes to shampoos it is always worth spoiling yourself, luxury shampoos with natural ingredients generally require a lot less shampoo per wash and their rich formulas help maintain your hairs balance. They may cost a little more but your hair will thank you!

After all, the journey towards glossy hair starts with a proper wash!

Don’t Over Wash

This goes hand-in-hand with our first tip. While a sulfate-free wash sets the foundation for healthy glimmering hair, it’s important not to overdo it. Even a sulfate-free shampoo will eventually strip your hair of essential oils if it’s used too often. Instead, try to go at least two or three days without washing your hair and let your hair regain it’s natural balance.

* You could always substitute a full wash with an application of a quality, non-powder, dry shampoo. Rossano Ferretti Parma has a delectable Vivace Dry Shampoo Crème that effectively cleans and refreshes hair in between washes. It’s worth a try!

Pump Your Hair with Moisture

A less porous hair shaft will increase hair shine. This means that your hair needs to be ultimately hydrated and pumped with moisture.

We recommend that you use a lightweight conditioner or a weekly luxury hair mask ideally one that’s enriched with fruit oils or shea butter and that of course avoids harsh chemicals. This type of product will hydrate hair and smooth out the tiny cracks in the follicles; to combat damage and dullness.

Invest in a Hair Oil

Hair oils are another way to add moisture to hair and then lock it in place. A good hair oil product from a professional hair brand will repair and moisturize hair from the outside in and will give it an instant shine without making it heavy and greasy.

High quality hair oils are a great investment because a little can go a long way! All you need is one pump action to have enough oil for shoulder-length hair.

Get the Right Type of Brush

It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you have just the right type of tools at your disposal. Take a hairbrush as an example. If you use a brush with a hard brush the bristles can dull your hair and reduce shine. This is because softer bristles are better at distributing natural oils from your scalp. The result – a natural sheen.

Remember to Trim Your Hair Often

When hairstylists suggest that you trim your hair regularly (even if you are trying to grow it out), then heed their advice. If you don’t trim your hair, it won’t always be healthy – and hair needs to be healthy to be shiny!

If you don’t cut your hair often, the result will be a head full of split ends.  These split ends don’t only damage your tips, but they continue to split up the hair shaft, causing damage in their wake.

Most hair experts recommend that you trim short hair every 6-8 weeks and longer hair every 10-12 weeks. This will ensure that your hair remains smoother, shinier, and in great condition.

Take a Hair Vitamin

If you keep to a well-balanced healthy diet, then a hair vitamin may not be necessary. However, if wholesome meals tend to fall by the wayside and if your schedule doesn’t allow you to eat as well as you’d like, then a hair vitamin certainly is an option.

Hair vitamins are loaded with nutrients that help hair (and nails) to grow quicker, stronger, healthier and, of course, shinier!

Your diet, the hair care products you use, and the extra measures you take to keep your hair healthy all play a big part in maintaining locks that glisten and gleam. 

Use a few—or all—of the tips and tricks we’ve shared with you above. Our hope is that you achieve shiny hair status for a naturally healthy look that turns heads!