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Natural haircare products

How to use natural haircare products to create the perfect blow-dry

It’s always lovely to treat your hair to a professional blow-wave, however, life doesn’t always prioritise this type of luxury. The good news is that there are ways to mimic a salon-quality blow-wave at home so that you can always have stunning designer-looking locks. You also don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals to have perfect hair – our tips incorporate natural haircare products that are gentle yet amazingly effective. 

Here’s how you can get stunning blow-dried hair using natural haircare products from the comfort of your home or hotel room:


1. Make sure you have time for your hair

Before you dedicate yourself to blow-waving your own hair at home, make sure that you have enough time in your schedule to do so. If you want “just stepped out of the salon” locks, then you’re going to need time (and patience) to get the look right. A rushed job won’t give you the best results, and here at Rossano Ferretti we are *all* about the quality. 

You may need to wake up half an hour earlier in the morning, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep (an early bedtime is good for your skin, hair, and overall well-being). 

2. Prep your hair with natural haircare productsdetangler spray

Gently wash your hair with a natural shampoo and conditioner. If your hair is not dirty, skip the shampoo and opt for a co-wash (where you wash your hair using conditioner only). This will keep your tresses ultra-moisturised, which helps to reduce frizz. Use a conditioner that will nourish your hair whilst adding volume for the best results.  

Once your hair has been washed, rinsed, and dabbed dry with a soft towel, you can apply a heatprotective spray before you begin your salon worthy blow dry. A quality heat spray will not only protect your strands from heat damage but it will also reduce colour loss if you have colour-treated hair.  

Tip: Avoid brushing your hair vigorously while it is wet, this will cause unnecessary breakage and flyawaysInstead opt for a Professional Detangler Brush which will gently tease out any tangles before and throughout your blow-dry. 


3. Familiarise yourself with the best blow dry hairtechnique 

Now that your hair is damp and not completely wet, apply a natural smoothing serum – and then start drying! We have found that the following technique gives the best results: 

Step 1  Separate your hair into several sections, and then work on drying one section at a time. This will cut down drying time and will ensure that each strand gets love and attention. *Make sure each section is 100% dry before moving on to the next one.  

Step 2  Apply a holding mousse to each section before you start to blow-dry your hair at the roots. Blow-wave the roots upwards so that they result in a beautiful lift from the roots for a volume boost.  

Step 3 – Roll the sectioned hair around your brush, and run the hair through it, moving from top to bottom. Move your blow-dryer throughout your hair until it is completely dry. Avoid drying up the hair shaft, instead, concentrate heat in the direction your hair grows to keep your cuticles nice and smooth.

For curly and very thick hair  Apply a softening serum to thick or unruly hair before drying each section.  This will help the brush glide over the strands easily for a smoothershinier finish. 


4. Seal in the glamour

Hair movement sprayLock your beautifully dried hair in place with a luxury hair spray. We LOVE the Favoloso Movement spray. Inspired by summers on the beaches of Sicily, this spray invigorates, softens, and conditions all hair types to enhance movement and lustre.  


A list of natural hair products that the professional Rossano Ferretti Parma team uses when they blow dry hair includes 

All of the abovelisted products are formulated using natural ingredients and are vegan and animal cruelty-free. They are also free of parabens and other harsh chemicals… the perfect additions to any hair and beauty routine!