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Oscars hairstyles

The Oscars Hairstyles: A look back at the most iconic celebrity styles

The Oscars is an event where many stars shine their brightest. From unique and glamourous designer gowns to iconic Oscars hairstyles that magically complete the look, this annual occasion is viewed as the biggest night in Hollywood by celebrities and fans alike.

Looking back, we’ve gathered a list of our favourite Oscars hairstyles that we hope will inspire you for your own red-carpet inspired event.

Our favourite 4 looks:

  1. Audrey Hepburn 1954 – a timeless look that made short styles feminine

audrey hepburn Taking you all the way back to the 50s, we’re starting with the timeless and sophisticated look created by fashion and movie icon, Audrey Hepburn.

As far as Oscars hairstyles go, this pixie style was a daring move for the red carpet during the 50s, yet Ms Hepburn pulled it off with breath-taking class. The style is choppy yet feminine and elegantly complimented the high neckline of her gown.

Her hairstyle was pulled back leaving a neat fringe across her forehead which looked simply divine! To get this radiant and natural shiny look you can add a quality hair oil as a finishing touch.

Tip: Use Velluto Anti-Frizz Straightening Serum to optimally smooth and defrizz hair.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence 2013 – a romantic “fairy-tale” textured updo

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those traditional blonde celebrities who will always look fabulous no matter how her hair isJennifer Lawrence
styled. However, for the 2013 Oscars, she opted for a dreamy and whimsical look with this romantic textured updo that we just adore!

The key to Oscars hairstyles is ensuring it will suit almost any gown type, which is certainly ideal if you want to flaunt soft shoulders and a pretty decolletage.

We’re also in awe of how well her updo held together without looking hard or greasy. Her tresses were soft and romantic, and we can only guess that she used a designer volumizing spray to give her the perfect amount of volume at her roots.

  1. Angelina Jolie 2009 – setting the trend with a curly half-updo

Angelina JolieAngelina is no stranger to the red carpet and she has left spectators in awe of her sultry appearance on more than one occasion. However, it’s her 2009 look that has us all aflutter. Her half-up, half-down  ’do  was sexy, sophisticated and daring all in one.

If you have lush, healthy and long locks, this timeless hairstyle is one way to show them off. You’re also welcome to flaunt a pair of elaborate earrings as Ms Jolie did.

In a way, this look almost reminds us of the Brigitte Bardot hair ‘do that rocked the Oscars in 1960. Her hair had tons of volume at the roots, which can be achieved by applying a quality dry shampoo, and her loose and wavy tresses seemed to be enhanced for natural eye-capturing movement.

  1. Halle Berry 2002 – an elegant and modest short ‘do’ that makes a brazen statement

This cropped ‘do has become Halle Berry’s signature look. The award-winning actress has pulled off many stunning Halle Berry
hairstyles, but we have to admit that this cute pixie cut even gives Ms Hepburn a run for her money.

While the cropped look was previously classed as one of those boyish hairstyles for men only, Halle confirmed that short hair can be pretty and feminine!

Tip: if you’re going to go for this cropped look, remember that texture is key. We recommend Intenso smoothening serum to defrizz hair whilst adding magnificent texture. Finish off with Brillante oil for a brilliant shine!



nourishing shampooGetting ready for the Oscars? Here’s how you can achieve hair that’s worthy of the red carpet:

  1. Start prepping your hair weeks beforehand. Invest in a sulphate-free shampoo that’s going to nourish your hair as it cleanses and remember to keep your hair optimally hydrated. If you haven’t already started applying a hair mask, now’s the time! Use Vita Rejuvenating Hair Mask to revive your hair before its big night out.
  2. Remember to protect your hair from heat. While we always encourage our clients to allow their hair to dry naturally as often as possible, red-carpet events certainly call for some intricate heat styling. Whether you’re going for straight hair or wavy locks, remember to apply a protective spray to your hair before using heat styling tools.
  3. Aim for natural movement. Avoid hair that looks hard, greasy, and unnatural – this isn’t going to get you the show-stopping second glance that you’re hoping for. Instead, add texture to your tresses and apply a product that’s going to enhance natural movement. We adore Favoloso movement spray. Inspired by summers on the beaches of Sicily, this spray invigorates hair for added motion and “energy”. It’s the “hair love” product.
  4. Add life to your roots. You’ll notice that none of the celebrity styles we favoured feature flat and listless roots. Even the chic pixie cut radiated energy from top to tip. The good news is that roots can easily be boosted by applying something as simple as a quality dry shampoo.
  5. Shine bright like a diamond. The finishing touch to any glamorous look is “shine”. With all eyes on you, you want to radiate energy, health, and happiness – just like a famous Farrah Fawcett hairdo. Nothing does a better job at this than the Brillante Protect and Shine Oil, which adds a natural, glossy sheen without making your tresses look oily.

Final thoughts…

Rossano often tells us: “Every client is a celebrity to me”. That is why we prioritise hair health, as we believe caring for your hair goes beyond what it looks like, but how it can make you feel. Every person’s hair type and life story is individual and unique, and so should be their hair ritual.

So the secret to Oscar-worthy hair like our favourite inspirational icons? Keep your hair healthy. Choose top quality products designed for your hair type and try to visit your hairdresser  regularly. Before a special event add extra care to your hair routine with a pre shampoo treatment if your hair is dry and damaged, or a revitalising mask and serum if your hair is dull and lifeless. Your hair will thank you for it.