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Our top 5 Fashion Week Autumn/Winter Hair Inspirations

The current global pandemic may have altered our way of living, but it certainly hasn’t stopped designers from inspiring us with innovative fashion trends. Looking back at the recent Autumn/Winter fashion week, we can honestly say that we were dazzled with hairstyles that we feel will make life more exceptional – but this time, in a good way!  

For the most part, the season’s Fashion Week hair trends were a little more low-key, relaxed and accessible than usual. Perhaps because our lifestyles simply can’t handle any more excitement? Whatever the reason, we’re utterly enthralled with the top looks because they’re easy enough to translate into your own day-to-day beauty routines. None of the hairstyles are tricky or overcomplicated yet they all look fabulous! 

Let’s take a look at our top 5 Fashion Week hair looks and what you can do to achieve them:  

  1. Effortless styling (for both Bobs and long hair)

They say that “less” is often “more” – this statement certainly held true as models flaunted the season’s most effortless styles for both long and shorter hair. We found that these “just woke up” kind of looks celebrated individuality and perhaps suggested a desire for personal freedom and a longing for a more raw and natural appeal 

Our favourites in this category were the blunt bob hairstyle that hinted at modern chic and the loose natural flowing long locks that paraded a 70s gentle yet rock-chick texture.  

How to get this look: 

Both the blunt bob and long natural flowing hairstyles are attainable. In fact, all you really need to do is give your strands the chance to dry naturally so that they can do their own “thing”. We then suggest that you use a hair movement enhancer such as Rossano Ferretti Parma’s Favoloso Enhancer to amplify natural hair movement (gives your locks that touch of intrigue) and then follow up with a touch of “shine” for a healthy glow.  

Tip: use dry shampoo to add volume and body to your roots. 

  1. Low bun/chignon

While messy buns haven’t gone out of fashion, it was the sleek chignon or “low bun” that turned heads during the 2021 fashion week. This chic look is practical, durable and subtly sexy all in one. It’s a classic that will never go out of style! 

This pretty low bun is also a protective style if you’re worried about damage and breakage that can be caused during styling, as it’s simple to create with minimum fuss.  

How to get this look:  

A sleek and elegant chignon is best achieved with hair that’s straight, smooth and manageable. One product we absolutely couldn’t go without in this regard is Velluto anti-frizz straightening serum. This designer haircare product draws its inspiration from the Italian Alps and works to smoothen hair so that it is as crisp and pristine as the snow-laden mountains themselves.  

Tip: for a radiant look, add a professional shine oil to your locks before working them into a style.  

Once your hair has been softened and straightened, simply gather it at your nape and twist it into a neat and tight bun. Secure the bun using an elegant hairband, clips or use your own hair to tighten the style in place.  

  1. Soft waves

Extremely natural, light and unstructured waves are one of the current most loved hair trends. From sunny days lazing around the pool to chilly evenings sipping red wine at the bar, this down-to-earth look is a stunner! 

How to get this look: 

Soft waves can be achieved in numerous ways, but here are two of our top “easy to achieve” choices: 

  1. Allow your hair to dry naturally. Hair that’s left to airdry often kinks to form subtle waves. To enhance natural waves, you can add a curling mousse to wet hair. We suggest Favoloso volumising mousse to add body, fullness, and movement to your locks. 

Tip: scrunch your hair gently as it dries to create waves that are slightly more defined.  

  1. Our second method also works best when a volumising mousse is added. This time add the mousse to wet hair and continue to dry your locks using the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer. Simply cup your tresses in the diffuser and keep your blow dryer tilted upwards as you dry them. 

Add “life” to your waves using a body-boosting movement spray. Use Grandioso volumising spray to give your hair a natural volume boost whilst lifting roots for added movement.  

  1. Low ponytail

The low ponytail is a classic that will never fade. This beautiful feminine look is elegant and can easily be remastered into a textured braid or waves can be added for a touch of intrigue. It’s a versatile hairstyle that knows no bounds.  

How to get this look:  

Like the chignon, your first step would be to straighten and smoothen your hair. Even if you’re planning on braiding your locks or adding waves, the best classic low ponytail is achieved when frizz and flyaways are tamed.  

Use Velluto anti-frizz straightening serum on fine to medium hair for extreme smoothening and defrizzing. For hair that’s thicker, we highly recommend Rossano Ferretti Parma’s Intenso softening and smoothening serum. This serum instantly makes hair more manageable and uses 99% naturally derived ingredients such as coconut and shea butter to detangle hair.  

Then, gather your hair at your nape and secure your ponytail in place using your own locks for a seamless “organised” look.  

  1. Whip braids

Ending our list of top favourite hair trends for autumn and winter 2020/21, we have a style that strays from the natural “dos” we highlighted above to add a little more texture and definition to hair.  

Whipped braids are an elevated everyday hairstyle. You can use extensions to lengthen your  ‘do so that the textured look falls down your back or you can keep the braids short to add a touch of “edge” to your frame.  

How to get this look:  

Whipped braids can be achieved using different methods, so you may need to sift through a few YouTube videos to find your favourite technique. We do, however, suggest that you smooth out  your hair beforehand to ensure that frizz doesn’t spoil the end result.  

Tip: treat yourself to designer hair oil so that your braids look radiantly vibrant with enhanced texture. Our go-to hair oil for silky locks is the award-winning Prodigio regenerating oil (of course) 


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