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8 hair artist tips to make thin hair look thicker

Fine hair can be beautiful in its own way, but many of us tend to want to plump up our locks for a more voluminous energised look. If this is you – then you’re in the right place!. This article shares easy professional tips on how to make your hair look thicker and seeks advice from our very own hair maestro, Rossano Ferretti.

1. Choose the right haircare products

Q: Is it possible to make hair thicker using hair care products?

A: Rossano explains that hair thickness is determined by the size of the hair follicle. As we age, the size of this follicle shrinks and the result is thinner hair. To slow down this process, he suggests that we try to keep follicles healthy and open. This can be done by following a hair care routine that includes the use of nourishing, hair products that have been created for thin hair.

Plump up thin or fragile strands with a rejuvenating shampoo and mask. Try the Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo and Mask, designed specifically for the needs of thin, ageing or tired and lifeless hair, this combo works wonders at making hair feel fuller and youthful again.

Products to make hair look full-bodied should include a volumising shampoo and conditioner – try Grandioso Extra Volume Shampoo and conditioner for the best results. Enriched with natural, nourishing ingredients, these formulas work to fortify hair while adding body and natural movement.

*Before you head out the door, spritz your locks with Grandioso Volumising Spray for added volume from root to tip, resulting in  hair that looks lush and full.

2. A great haircut can make all the difference

It’s true. One of the easiest ways to make thin hair look thicker is to trim your hair regularly to keep the ends healthy and strong – in turn making resulting in well-conditioned and thicker hair growth

A professional hair stylist will be able to cut, colour and style your hair in a way to accentuate your best features and get the most from your hair type and texture. Our tip? Be honest with your stylist about your hair concerns. Knowing that you want hair that feels fuller, thicker and more volumised will guide your stylist in creating the best look for you.

At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we apply a technique called Metodo Rossano Ferretti (the invisible haircut) to optimise the way the hair falls, thus maximising the appearance of lift and bounce where needed. Visit one of our luxury hair spas to treat yourself to this invigorating cut – available exclusively in RF Salons!

3. Consider subtle hair extensions

Want to know how to make hair look thicker without giving it the chop? Try hair extensions. By speaking to a professional, you will be able to find the right type of hair extension which can instantly help add the look of volume and fullness to your hair.

With this tip, we are reminded of our close partnership with Great Lengths. Having designed their exclusive Hair Extensions For Volume collection, they are able to address common hair concerns such as thinning and partial alopecia for clients all around the world. Great Lengths joins our brand in celebrating beauty in all forms, with exceptional quality hair extensions made in Italy.

4. Flip your hair parting

Want to know how to make thin hair look thicker & volumised in just 5 seconds? Try this simple trick!:

If your parting is usually in the middle, then part it to the side for a volumised look at your roots. If it’s usually parted to the side, flip it over to the opposite side to get this same effect! It’s as easy as that! Hair that remains parted in the same direction tends to fall flat over time. By switching sides you’re forcing hair to naturally lift from the roots and fall in the opposite direction. Changing your parting is also a great way to create the illusion of a new hairstyle, with minimum effort!

Finish the look off with Favoloso Natural Hair Movement Enhancer for lustre and vibrancy.

5. Tease hair at the crown

A slight back-comb can make all the difference and is certainly one of the most popular hairstyles to make hair look thicker.

Backcombing, or teasing the hair at the crown, is an old-school method used to add instant volume to tresses. This technique is especially effective for adding a boost of volume to your roots.

Remember to tease gently so that you don’t create permanent knots!

6. Blow dry upwards

How to make thin hair look thicker when blow-drying?

Rossano Ferretti says to keep the air flowing in the direction of hair growth to minimise flyaways and keep hair cuticles smooth – but when you dry your roots, you can blow-dry up and away from the face to encourage tons of volume on top.

Add Vita Rejuvenating Serum to your lengths to help plump up thin strands and create fuller, thicker hair thanks to its healthy dose of hyaluronic acid.

7. Mid-day volume boost

It’s no secret that dry shampoo makes life easier. Apart from keeping your locks fresh and energised, our magical formula can also be applied to create volumised roots that add “oomph” to your hairdo.

Use your lunch break to quickly give your hair more volume and exaggerated thickness for the rest of the day.

Simply add a few drops of Vivace Dry Shampoo Crème to your fingertips, tilt your head downwards, and then gently massage the formula into your roots. Flip your tresses back up for an instant volume lift – and enjoy fresher, reenergised hair.

8. Consider salon professional colour

Did you know that colour can be used to add depth and dimension to hair – giving the appearance of fuller and thicker locks?

Rossano highlights that our #RFHairArtists are trained in strategically placing colour to make fine hair look thicker and fuller.

Leave this technique to our expert stylists, (stay away from home-dye kits if you are really after professional results) and enjoy depth and dimension in your new found hair colour!

Knowing how to make thin hair look thicker naturally is our expertise. We’re trained in gently treating locks so that they look (and feel) fuller. It’s been a pleasure sharing some of our professional hair tips with you!