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Long Hair Goals

How to Achieve Your Long Hair Goals

Volume, Shine, and Movement

Short hairstyles are fabulous. But when your long silky locks softly brush across your shoulders – well, that’s a magical feeling! That’s why this article is all about helping you achieve those long hair goals. We want you to revel in that magic and enjoy long, smooth, and vibrantly healthy hair.

Below, we’ll share 5 valuable tips with you. These tips will help you to care for your luscious long locks…because we know how much TLC they need! By applying our professional haircare advice, your hair is much more likely to be healthy and strong. You’ll have hair that you enjoy and feel good about!

If you’re still trying to achieve the length of hair you’ve envisioned, this advice will still apply to you, so keep reading!

Image of an Asian girl with very long, dark, and straight hair.1. It Starts with Good Scalp Care

All the best things in life stem from healthy foundations, including your hair.

Did you know that your scalp can be nourished through a healthy diet? Food such as salmon, carrots, eggs, prunes, and spinach are enriched with nutrients that encourage healthy skin and hair growth.

We’re also going to prompt you to wash your hair less often. By no means are we endorsing dirty hair. We simply want you to get into the routine of washing your hair less frequently so that your scalp has the opportunity to produce its natural oils. These oils are what will make your hair naturally healthier and shinier. They also stimulate hair growth!

When you do wash your hair, choose a shampoo that supports a nourishing hair growth environment. For example, Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo is a sulphate-free product that’s formulated to improve blood circulation and strengthen the scalp and hair.

2. Be Gentle on Your Hair 

Colouring your hair too frequently or tying it up in tight knots can cause it to strain. This strain results in weak and brittle hair that’s broken and unmanageable. So, go easy on it. While we do love to experiment with colours and hairstyles, it’s always good to take a break in between fancy updos and colour treatments. Use this break as an opportunity to go the natural route.

For example:

  • Put your hot styling tools away and allow your hair to air dry
  • If you must tie your hair up, opt for loose plaited styles
  • Brush your hair as little as possible to reduce friction and unnecessary breakage

If you find your curling wand or flat ironing too tempting, then we won’t discourage you from using them. We do, however, insist that you apply a professional heat protection spray before using these hot tools.

* Did you know that Rossano Ferretti Parma’s products are formulated using natural gentle ingredients that nourish hair instead of harming it? Our range is also paraben-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

3. Hydrate, Hydrate, HYDRATE!

Your hair needs moisture to thrive and grow. If it lacks moisture, your long tresses WILL hang listlessly. Now, the best moisture comes from within – so, remember to drink plenty of water.

We have two more solutions – a leave-in conditioning product and a deeply hydrating hair mask.

For the leave-in products, we recommend Vita Rejuvenating Serum (which uses hyaluronic acid to super hydrate hair from the root downwards), and for the hair mask, do yourself the best favour and give Dolce Nourishing Mask a go – oh gosh but you’ll LOVE how softer and stronger your hair feels after just one treatment!

 4. Trim Your Ends 

Haircare professionals are always giving this advice – but most like to avoid it. I mean, who in their right mind would cut their hair while trying to grow it, right?

If you focus on the bigger picture, however, with the emphasis being on the word “goal”, then trimming your hair at least every three months makes sense.

You see, when you trim unhealthy split ends, your hair will have less breakage and fly-aways, which will instantly make it look thicker and even longer. Even a tiny trim (we’re talking a simple centimetre) can make a huge difference!

Image of the rejuvenating serum Vita along with the regenerating oil Prodigio by Rossano Ferretti Parma.5. If You Can’t Make It – FAKE IT!

If your patience is running out or you have an event coming up where you want to experience the magic and whimsy of long hair, why not get yourself a set of hair extensions? These days, hair extensions are amazingly made to replicate your very own hair. The result is a fabulous natural look where no one will know any better.

Hair extensions are also great because while you wear them, your own hair continues to grow! So, they’re almost like “stand-in” hair until your own natural locks lengthen and thicken to fill the gaps. Find out more about Great Lengths the world’s leader hair extensions.

Remember to use a nourishing shampoo on your hair extensions and treat them as gently as you would your own hair.

The Rossano Ferretti Parma team is all about helping you attain your hair goals. From short funky styles to long luscious beach waves, we’ve drawn our inspiration from the beautiful Italian landscapes to conjure up the most effective and natural haircare solutions for you.