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How to get fluffy hair in 7 easy steps

Rossano Ferretti Parma has always been passionate about natural hair that’s soft and delectably fluffy – and this is why we are elated that free-flowing hair with a touch of “fluff” is becoming increasingly ‘mainstream’ – it’s about time if you ask us! Even blow-out queens such as Adele are embracing this natural look, and we are delighted that naturally fluffy hair is finally getting the attention we have been so passionate about for decades!

Since we’ve followed this approach for many years, our team of hair experts are the best to seek advice from – and they’re prepared to share their secrets!

But first –

Fluffy hair vs. frizzy hair: what’s the difference?

Before we dive into how you can attain this illuminating look, it’s important that you separate fluffy hair from “frizzy” hair, because there are key differences that separate the two.

Essentially, fluffy hair is a style that is the happy medium between a messy texture and a blowout. So, while your tresses are sleek, glossy, and bouncy – they also have a bit of texture for a balanced look.

Frizzy hair, on the other hand, hasn’t been tamed. Instead, it has flyaway strands that leave hair knotted and in a fragile state of disarray.

It’s also worthwhile to note that fluffy hair is attained by applying various hair care and styling techniques, whereas frizzy hair is usually the result of your hair type and how it reacts to the humidity in the air.

How to make your hair fluffy

Apply these 7 tips for hair that’s fluffed and fabulous:

1. Dry your hair upside down

This technique adds volume to your locks, which is needed to attain a fluffy “do”. Simply flip your hair upside down and blow-dry your locks using a professional detangling brush or your hands to smoothen out knots and frizz as you dry your strands.

You’ll find that this method helps to lift your roots, giving you the volume and movement needed for fluffed locks that flow gracefully.

2. Try hot rollers

Hot rollers are another excellent way of adding volume to hair while reducing frizz. Use this technique if you want wavy fluffed-up locks that are smooth but feathery.

Tip: use a blow-dry spray before applying any type of heat to your hair to give hair a velvety finish. This will help to seal in moisture so that your strands remain soft and “flowy” instead of dry and unmanageable.

3. Wash your hair with a volumising shampoo

Like most hairstyles, the key to achieving fluffy tresses starts in the shower. Our stylists suggest using a volume-boosting shampoo and conditioner for hair that has bounce and volume from the get-go.

Try our sulfate-free Grandioso Extra Volume Shampoo and Grandioso Volumising Conditioner. This luxury haircare duo revives fine, limp and flat hair for a volumised look with improved movement.


4. Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great product to always have on hand. Apart from keeping your hair looking and feeling clean, it also helps to prevent natural hair oils from weighing your locks down. A quality dry shampoo will keep your volumised and fluffy hair look intact.

Keep a bottle of Vivace Dry Shampoo Crème around to help absorb oils, energise your strands, and pump up the volume to give your locks that delightfully natural-looking fluffy appearance.

5. Tease your hair

While it may sound a little drastic, gently teasing your strands is another stylist-approved way to achieve a fluffy look.

The teasing method is all about combing your hair from the tips to the roots to build volume for an overall thicker look, which helps to fluff your locks. *Just try to not overdo it because you may end up with knotted or matted locks that may not flow as naturally as you’d like.

6. Hair diffusers are great!

One of the most underestimated hair tools is the diffuser that connects to your blow-dryer. This attachment can be used to create beautiful fluffy and natural-looking waves, elevating your hair’s natural texture. It also speeds up drying time to help you minimize your heat usage.

To create fluffy hair using a diffuser, simply hang your locks upside down and blow-dry in an upwards motion, scrunching your hair gently in the diffuser as you dry it. This technique will give movement and bounce to your hair while adding irresistible fluff.

7. Invest in styling products that work

To create and maintain fluffy hair, you want to make sure you’re using the right styling products. For days when you want your natural texture to do all the talking, reach for our award-winning Grandioso Volumising Spray. Inspired by the green and lush heart of Italy, this weightless formula gives fine, limp, and flat hair a natural volume boost whilst lifting roots for added movement.

If you’re working with curly or thick hair, turn your attention to Favoloso Movement Spray. This adds beautiful texture allowing for a natural flowing movement to bouncy curls and waves.