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How to Give Your Hair the Protein It Needs

Your hair isn’t just a crowning glory; it’s a testament to the strength and health of the unique protein structures that make it up. At the heart of your lustrous locks lies a protein called keratin. Understanding the significance of this protein is instrumental in knowing why a hair protein treatment is crucial for maintaining resplendent tresses.

How Do Proteins Work?

When we speak of the allure and vibrancy of hair, we often mention its shine, its strength, and its silkiness. But what bestows hair with these attributes? The answer lies in proteins. Proteins, when introduced to hair, play two main roles:

Penetration & Repair: Proteins penetrate deep into hair fibers, mending and bolstering their integrity. The result? Hair that not only looks revitalized but truly is stronger from within.

Surface Enhancement: Proteins also have the ability to coat the hair shaft. This coating, subtle yet powerful, transforms hair, lending it an enviable shine and smoothing its surface.

Image of a brunette with a short bob.

Protein-rich Ingredients in Hair Products

The market is brimming with products that boast protein-rich formulas, both from synthetic and natural origins. But at Rossano Ferretti Parma, our ethos is deeply rooted in nature. We believe in harnessing the power of naturally derived proteins, such as rice, whey, and soy. These are not mere ingredients to us; they’re a testament to our dedication to pure, effective, and luxurious hair care.

Benefits of Protein Treatments

Why should one consider a protein treatment for hair? The advantages are manifold:

Improved Surface Treatment: Achieve smoother, frizz-free locks.

Reduced Cuticle Damage: Fortify the hair’s natural protective barrier.

Prevention of Brittle Hair: Say goodbye to hair that snaps and breaks easily.

Enhanced Hair Shine: Attain a luminescent shine that turns heads.

Optimal Hair Health: Infuse hair with the nutrients it craves.

Prevention of Dry Hair: Restore moisture and prevent dryness.

Image of the softening and smoothing mask from the Intenso line by Rossano Ferretti Parma with some ingredients like avocado and almond.


Different Types of Treatments

Deep Treatments: Our multi award-winning Prodigio Regenerating Treatment is not just a product, but a hair protein treatment experience. Dive deep into nourishment and come out with softer, silkier and stronger hair. This protein-rich hair treatment is a pre-wash mask and suitable for all types of damaged hair in need of intense repair.

Rinse-out Treatments: Our Intenso Smoothing Mask is more than a simple rinse-out treatment. With naturally-derived proteins, it offers essential naturally-derived ingredients, such as rice protein that strengthen and nurture. Designed for the needs of thick, vivacious hair, this helps strengthen coarse hair that can become dry, weak and prone to breakage easily by infusing it with essential moisture and resilience to damage from within.

For those with locks that are not so thick, but tend to be dry and in need of repair, try our multi award-winning Dolce Nourishing Mask, the perfect companion to the Dolce Nourishing Shampoo, designed to soften, hydrate and repair dry or damaged strands.

Leave-in Treatments: The Vivace Leave-In Conditioner is your daily dose of hair luxury, offering continuous hydrating care without the rinse. Thanks to its abundance of wheat protein and naturally found Keratin, this leave-in conditioner not only helps strands feel moisturised and healthy, but it also strengthens from within and supports resilience against external damage.

DIY vs. Salon Treatments: While the allure and convenience of DIY treatments and at home remedies is undeniable, nothing matches the efficacy of professional salon treatments. That said, if you’re indulging at home, ensure you’re using professional-quality products, such as those from Rossano Ferretti Parma.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing mask and shampoo, Intenso softening & smoothing mask and Prodigio regenerating treatment.


How to Know If Your Hair Needs Protein?

One might wonder, does my hair need protein or moisture? A simple look at your hair might offer clues. If your strands are bleak, break easily, or if your hair falls out with ease, it’s a clarion call for a protein boost.

How Often Should I Use Protein Treatments?

Frequency is paramount. For rinse-out treatments, consider a weekly routine that coincides with your shampoo wash. Deep or leave-in treatments, on the other hand, are best indulged in once or twice a fortnight. However, always let the product guide you. Read the instructions  and let them be your compass. If any doubt on how often you should use a Rossano Ferretti Parma product, you can always contact us.

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A Final Note

Your hair is a canvas, a reflection of inner health, and a testament to outer care. Do you often find yourself pondering how to add protein to hair? Look no further. Dive into the world of Rossano Ferretti Parma and let us guide you on embracing the beauty of natural, healthy hair.