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How to have healthy hair

Looking for locks that are radiant and fall to highlight the beauty of your individuality? You’ve arrived at the right place!

At Rossano Ferretti (RF), we’re all about healthy hair, and we’re ready to share our trade secrets so that you can maintain salon-quality locks between hair appointments.

But before we give away our healthy hair tips, let’s look at what we mean by “healthy hair.”

How to know if you have healthy hair…

You might think that because you have a full head of thick hair your strands are healthy, but this is not always the case. It’s important to note that thick hair does not always equate to healthy hair and finer hair does not always mean unhealthy hair. To award your locks with the title “healthy,” they need to tick a few boxes, regardless of hair type or texture. For example, healthy hair:

  • Feels smooth and silky to touch. Hold a single strand of hair at the root, between your finger and thumb (this avoids tension). Now, slide your other thumb and index finger down the strand of hair. If it feels smooth and silky, it’s more likely to be healthy.
  • Is radiantly shiny. Healthy hair reflects light, giving it a shiny, halo-like appearance. This is because the tiny scales that compromise the cuticle of each strand lie flat to create a smooth reflective surface. When hair is dry, these scales lift to create a rough surface and all reflection is lost.
  • Doesn’t shed as quickly. We lose hair naturally daily, this is normal! But hair that’s nourished and hydrated is less likely to shed, leaving you with thicker, softer locks.
  • Is easier to style. Soft, silky hair is generally easier to tame and hold in place. This is because the locked-in moisture makes it more pliable.
  • Is not prone to breakage. As we mentioned, healthy hair is pliable. This means it can be brushed and styled without breaking too easily. You can check the elasticity of your hair by taking a damp strand and gently stretching it (hold the strand between your index finger and thumb to avoid tension). If it stretches and returns to its original shape when you let it go, then it has good elasticity!
  • Has natural body and movement. Strands that retain moisture well are plumper than dehydrated locks. Hydration thus gives hair that feeling of fullness and buoyancy.
  • Doesn’t react to humidity. Well-hydrated hair is less likely to reach for moisture in the atmosphere, which means it’s less prone to becoming frizzy in humid or damp conditions.

How to have healthy hair – a plan formulated by professionals!

If your hair doesn’t tick all the right boxes, don’t fret! We’ve helped plenty of our clients turn frazzled, dry, and limp locks into radiantly healthy hair, all in no time!

It starts with an easy, dedicated hair routine featuring the best healthy hair products that are right for your hair.

Here’s our plan of action:

Step 1: Getting to the root of the problem. A healthy scalp equals healthy hair – it’s where our hair grows from, after all!

To keep your scalp nourished and clean, we recommend washing it with Prodigio Cleansing Scalp Scrub once a week or as an occasional alternative to your regular RF Shampoo. This scrub exfoliates, reinvigorates, and improves scalp circulation to promote healthy hair that radiates and shines! Infused with all-vegan ingredients, this gentle product yields powerful properties to create a nourishing environment for hair to thrive.

Step 2: Clean your hair with care. Simple tweaks to your hair washing routine can encourage hair that’s clean and healthy. First, try to get into the swing of washing your hair every 2nd or ideally 3rd day only. This will give your scalp time to produce and spread natural hair oils that protect and nourish your locks.

Then, when you do wash your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo designed to cleanse without stripping moisture from your tresses. At RF, we have luxurious shampoo formulas for all hair types – try them, they’re simply amazing!

Step 3: Nourish and condition. Do you really want to know how to keep your hair healthy?

The answer is simple. Hydrate it with products that penetrate deep into the strands, infusing them with moisture and then locking it in to create soft, quenched tresses.

For this, we recommend conditioning with a pre-wash treatment and a hair mask applied once or twice a week.

The right pre-wash treatment will intensely repair damaged, over-processed, or sensitised hair, penetrating locks with a highly concentrated, long-lasting formula.

Step 4: Treat your tresses. When styling your hair, make sure the strands are treated and protected from hot styling tools and other environmental stressors. Heat and pollutants dry hair out, making it vulnerable to breakage.

Keep your strands smooth and pliant by applying hair treatments that support your hair goals – while also repairing, nourishing, and protecting.

One of our go-to’s at RF is Prodigio Regenerating Oil. This lightweight, non-greasy formula is great for daily use and actively seals split ends while protecting locks from environmental aggressors.

Talking of split ends >>

Step 5: Trim your hair! Trimming your hair every 4-6 weeks will help keep your hair smoother. By ridding your locks of dry split ends, you reduce the chances of the strands splitting higher up the hair shaft. Just a ‘piccolo’ cut will make a big difference!

Visit a Rossano Ferretti HairSpa for more expert healthy hair care advice – we’ll also treat you to a trim in a luxurious setting that will help heal your locks from the inside out!