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How to make thin hair look thicker

Italian designer hair care overflows with secrets on how to care for your precious locks. How to make thin hair look thicker is one of them. Today, we’re in a divulging mood and would like to share our own Italian hair artistry tips, including expert advice from our founder and global hair Maestro Rossano Ferretti himself, on how to enhance your hair so that it looks and feels lush and buoyant.

Thin hair is beautiful and has its unique advantages. However, if you’re in the mood for plumper strands and volume, the following products and suggestions may help.

How to make thin hair look thick…

Q: Is it possible to make hair thicker using hair care products?

A: Rossano explains that hair thickness is determined by the size of the hair follicle. As we age, the size of this follicle shrinks and the result is thinner hair. To slow down this process, he suggests that we try to keep follicles healthy and open. This can be done by following a hair care routine that includes the use of nourishing, hair products that have been created for thin hair.

Use a volumising shampoo

Some shampoo formulas are heavy and can weigh your hair down. We recommend a gentler, lightweight shampoo that strengthens the hair follicle so it can support lifted, voluminous hair.

Also, instead of washing daily, which can cause the scalp to overproduce lost sebum oil and cause limp hair, use a dry shampoo crème to keep your tresses feeling vibrant and refreshed between washes. Si, that’s right – a crème. Absorbing seamlessly into the hair this dry shampoo leaves behind no talc or residue, and also adds volume so hair looks cleansed and bouncy.

Avoid conditioners that sit heavy on your hair

Rich and heavy conditioners aren’t ideal for thin or fine hair. They tend to weigh strands down, making them hang limp and listless.

Plump up thin or fragile strands with a rejuvenating shampoo and mask. Try the Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo and Mask, designed specifically for the needs of thin, ageing or tired and lifeless hair, this combo works wonders at making hair feel fuller and youthful again.

Another solution specifically for fine or flat hair is our magical Grandioso Volumising Conditioner, a blissfully scented lightweight formula that pairs perfectly with finer hair. It also offers many other caressing qualities, including ingredients such as almond, avocado, and ginseng that work to lift hair with enchanting movement.

This conditioner harmonises perfectly with Grandioso Volumising Spray, a lifting mist that draws inspiration from Umbria, the green and lush heart of Italy. Just a few sprays to your wet or dry roots will boost your hair so that it appears exuberantly bouncy, volumised and lifted.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Grandioso volumising routine with the extra volume shampoo, the volumising conditioner and the volumising spray.


Mingle with texture – and make it your best friend

Add movement and dimension to thin and flat hair by texturizing it.

Enter Favoloso Natural Hair Movement Enhancer. Infused with mallow leaf, pomegranate, and wheat protein, this formula stokes hair into texturised fullness. The result is gently tousled tresses that flow like silk and dance to the rhythm of your hair’s natural movement.

Change your styling technique

Change how you style your hair, and you can swiftly plump-up your look. For example, you can tease your tresses at the crown to “lift” your roots, you can blow dry your hair with your hair tilted downwards (defying gravity), and another trick is to use a diffuser.

You can also ask your hair stylist for personalised hairstyle ideas that will make your locks appear fuller.

A professional hair stylist will be able to cut, colour and style your hair in a way to accentuate your best features and get the most from your hair type and texture. Our tip? Be honest with your stylist about your hair concerns. Knowing that you want hair that feels fuller, thicker and more volumised will guide your stylist in creating the best look for you. A popular and simple recommendation by our hair artists is simply changing your parting from time to time as well as blow-drying your hair upwards and away from your face to add more dramatic volume.

Weave these techniques with the best hair-thickening and volumising products for the most magical outcomes.

Bonus tip: At Rossano Ferretti HairSpas, we apply a technique called “Ferretti Metodo Cut” (the Ferretti invisible Cut) to optimise the way the hair falls, thus maximising the appearance of lift and bounce where needed. Visit one of our luxury hair spas to treat yourself to this invigorating cut – available exclusively in RF Salons!

Model showcasing Rossano Ferretti Parma's Favoloso movement spray in her hands.


Repair and renew

Oftentimes, hair thins because strands are fragile or broken. Adorn your locks with Prodigio Regenerating Hair Oil to repair depleted and damaged ends and encourage healthy hair growth.

Healthy, healed hair will look and feel fuller, but it will also promote thicker hair growth. Simply apply a few drops to your strands before or after drying, and revel in hair that’s smoother, softer, and healing.

Stimulate for fuller growth

Massage and stimulate your scalp with our invigorating non-greasy Vita Rejuvenating Hair Serum to encourage blood circulation and healthier, fuller hair growth. Apply the serum to the lengths of dry or damp hair too for plumper and healthier looking strands.

Inspired by autumn rains renewing the Tuscany landscape, our rejuvenating serum contains 97% naturally derived ingredients, including green tea, konjac, and hyaluronic acid to plump hair strands, helping fragile and limp hair to look and feel thicker. All while stimulating better hair growth for long-term hair health and thickness.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Vita rejuvenating serum and Prodigio regenerating oil.


Mid-day volume boost

It’s no secret that dry shampoo makes life easier. Apart from keeping your locks fresh and energised, our magical formula can also be applied to create volumised roots that add “oomph” to your hairdo.

Use your lunch break to quickly give your hair more volume and exaggerated thickness for the rest of the day.

Simply add a few drops of Vivace Dry Shampoo Crème to your fingertips, tilt your head downwards, and then gently massage the formula into your roots. Flip your tresses back up for an instant volume lift – and enjoy fresher, reenergised hair.

Consider subtle hair extensions

Want to know how to make hair look thicker without giving it the chop? Try hair extensions. By speaking to a professional, you will be able to find the right type of hair extension which can instantly help add the look of volume and fullness to your hair.

With this tip, we are reminded of our close partnership with Great Lengths. Having designed their exclusive Hair Extensions For Volume collection, they are able to address common hair concerns such as thinning and partial alopecia for clients all around the world. Great Lengths joins our brand in celebrating beauty in all forms, with exceptional quality hair extensions made in Italy.

Take care of yourself…

Most of all, indulge in the self-care you deserve. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, wholesome foods, exercise frequently, and take time to follow a hair care routine that inspires confidence.

Fall in love with your hair, knowing it’s in its healthiest shape and form.