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How to Perfect Your Night Time Hair Care Routine

You want to relax at the end of a long day, we get it. You’ve earned the right to put your feet up and enjoy some downtime – your body needs it! But just remember that your hair’s had a hard day, too! You spent the morning primping and styling it – and it performed! So, before you sleep, treat it to a night hair care routine that will help your locks to unwind and revitalize – this way, you’ll wake up with healthy, shiny locks that are ready to rock a new day!

Why Is a Night Time Hair Care Routine So Important?

We’re guessing you follow a skincare routine before you hop into bed in the evenings. It makes sense that you’d want to wash off the dirt from the day and apply treatments that help your face heal, refresh, and reverse the effects of ageing while you sleep. The question is…don’t you want the same for your hair?

A night time hair care routine is important because it helps your locks to heal, regenerate, and grow while the rest of your body rests and restores itself. If you want your hair to look good all day every day, then an evening hair care routine is essential.

How You Can Perfect Your Night Time Hair Routine

From the treatments you apply to your hair to how you prop it up for the night, there are many ways you can maintain robust, smooth, and luscious locks. Below, we look to our team of RF haircare experts for their advice on how to create the perfect night time hair care routine, including the best products to use!

Before you hit the hay (prima di andare a letto), remember to:
Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing shampoo and the repair and nourish mask

1. Hydrate

Dry hair is extremely common for many of us. Sometimes it dries because of the season (winter in particular) but it also gets drier as we age – this is because our body stops producing as much excess oil as it did in our younger days. The thing about dry hair is that it can cause several other problems, such as listless locks that are brittle and prone to breakage and frizz. If you find that your hair is extra thirsty, then make hydration a priority in your night time hair care routine.

According to the RF team, it’s important to infuse your hair with natural ingredients that not only deeply hydrate your strands but also actively work to lock moisture in. Our Dolce collection  is the perfect example. If you like to wash your hair before you sleep, Dolce Nourishing Shampoo will cleanse your hair without stripping it of natural oils – it then uses hyaluronic acid to get moisture deep into the hair shaft so that it can soften your locks while you sleep. Once you step out of the shower, spray Dolce Satin Glow Booster onto your damp hair to further reduce moisture loss. This is how you wake up to silky, glossy tresses!

2. Condition

Conditioning your hair is one of the best ways to repair damaged hair. For the best hair conditioning, apply a hair mask before you sleep. You can use the leave-in type to work while you sleep (if you don’t mind your linen getting a little greasy) or you can use a wash-out mask such as RF’s Dolce Nourishing Mask. Simply apply this formula to freshly washed damp hair, leave it in for a few minutes, and then rinse it out using cold or lukewarm water (cool water helps to seal in moisture).

Our hair connoisseurs love how Dolce hair mask hydrates even the coarsest hair without weighing it down. It also has nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, fruit oils, and keratin that work to destress and heal your hair while you sleep. Note: for thicker hair that could benefit from a weighted haircare formula, give our Intenso collection a go! This collection includes a deep conditioning hair mask that smoothens the most vigorous hair.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio regenerating oil.3. Protect

Just because you’re safe and snug in bed, it doesn’t mean that your hair can’t be damaged. There’s friction between your locks and your pillow to consider and pollutants that can linger.

Protect hair while you sleep by applying a little Prodigio Oil to the lengths of your hair. Our team agrees that this quick addition to your night time hair routine will protect your hair and repair it at the same time! This “magic” luxury hair care potion seals split ends and provides your strands with a protective barrier – all while adding a gorgeous non-greasy shine!

To protect your hair while you sleep, our hair experts also advise that you prop your hair in place. For longer hair, style your locks into a loose braid, or wrap it into a loose top knot. If you have short hair, you can cover it in a satin cap or bandana – or loosely twist sections into place (great idea if you want to wake up to curly hair).

Silk or satin linen will help, too – PLUS you’ll be sleeping like a princess!

Tip: Before you prep your hair into place for the evening, make sure to gently brush out any knots and tangles, this will reduce friction and breakage between strands. Try our Professional Detangler Brush for tangle-free hair that you can glide your fingers through with ease!

Finding the perfect hair care routine for your hair type and your hair goals may take some time and trial and error. But once you find the ideal remedy, you’ll be flaunting locks that become more luscious as the days pass! Our suggestions above are suited to most hair types and the combination of hair products will help to repair, protect, and add shine to hair while encouraging hair growth. And on that note, we say – buona notte – goodnight!