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How to Use Hair Oil

People are often afraid to use hair oil because they assume it will weigh their locks down, leaving them with a greasy residue that’s everything but attractive. However, with the right professional haircare oil at your disposal, this shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, the very best hair oils will leave your hair looking more fabulous than ever!

In this guide, we answer popular hair oil FAQs – and we set the record straight!

Why Should You Use Hair Oil?

Let’s start with the benefits of hair oil.

When you choose a hair oil that’s been professionally infused with natural goodness, you stand to:

  • Hydrate your scalp – so that your hair can grow healthy and strong.
  • Strengthen your hair – say goodbye to frizz and flyaways!
  • Prevent dandruff – that deeply nourished scalp will remain intact.
  • Add a natural, glowing shine to your hair – embrace this halo, you’re worth it!
  • Prevent hair fall – hang onto those tresses so that you can boast a healthier, fuller look.
  • Avoid premature greying – nourish your strands with goodness so they can hold onto their youth.
  • Protect your hair – don’t let heat, pollutants, and toxins get the better of you!

What Are the Best Hair Oil Products to Use?Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio regenerating oil and Brillante protect and shine oil

We mentioned that not all hair oils are equal – and this comes down to the quality of the formulas and expert craftmanship (both of which we know a thing or two about! 😉). We highly recommend Brillante Protect & Shine Oil and Prodigio Regenerating Hair Supplement. These oils have different benefits but can work effectively on all hair types.

  • Brillante Protect & Shine Oil uses ingredients such as grape seed, sunflower, and rosemary leaf to protect hair from sun damage while adding a mirror-like shine.
  • Prodigio Oil can be used daily to soften and treat damaged hair by sealing split ends and nourishing your tresses with fortifying ingredients such as avocado, rosemary, and almond.

FYI – These lightweight formulas are both vegan-friendly and animal-cruelty free!


How Do You Apply Hair Oil?

Every hair oil has its own recipe for brilliance, but the formula for application is generally the same.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio regenerating oil.

What’s the best way to use hair oil – on dry or wet hair?

Knowing when to apply hair oil can make all the difference to the results.

Luxury hair oils like Brillante Oil and the Prodigio Oil, can be used on wet or dry hair. This means you can either apply it before your hair dries or after it’s been styled. If it’s a high-glossy look you’re after, we suggest you apply the Brillante Oil after styling as a finishing touch. If you want to detangle or protect your locks from heat damage, then an application to wet hair would be best. The Prodigio Oil is perfect for protecting, repairing damage and sealing split ends on both wet and dry hair. The great thing is once it is applied on wet hair, its lightweight formula can be applied daily on dry hair to continuously repair and seal the hair!

How much hair oil should you apply – oh, and where do you put hair oil?

Knowing how much hair oil to use depends on the length, texture, and thickness of your hair. Typically, the amount of hair oil needed will range from 1-3 drops (just 1-2 drops if you’re using Prodigio Oil).

We suggest you start with 1-2 drops of hair oil at a time. Apply the drops to the palm of your hands and then smooth them over the lengths of your hair, starting on your mid-lengths and then moving in a downwards flow to the ends. If you’re prone to getting frizzy flyaways we recommend using the residual amount left on your hands to lightly pat the top of your head, it will make a world of difference!

After a few applications of oil, you’ll know your own magic number for indulgently shiny, silky, red carpet-worthy hair!

How to Style with Hair Oil?Rossano Ferretti Parma's Brillante protect and shine oil

Hair oils are the perfect companions to hot styling tools such as blow-dryers, curling wands and straighteners. Applied as a hair primer on damp hair, the oil will help protect your locks from heat damage so that it remains unharmed and healthy.

As a post-styling finishing touch, hair oil can be used to tame frizz, define hair shape, and add a gorgeous shine.

How to use hair oil if air-drying hair/drying hair naturally?

The RF team LOVES the look of naturally air-dried hair. That’s why all RF hair oils are designed to accommodate this styling method.

Applying hair oil to wet or damp hair will nourish and protect it as it dries into a subtly glossy version of its natural texture. If you want added shine (and added protection), you can apply oil for dry hair to your tresses when they are fully dry. This final step will produce shiny hair that’s kept safe from harmful elements.

What’s the Secret to Long-Lasting Shine Using Hair Oil?

The secret to hair that continuously shines is to apply high-performance professional hair oil to your hair daily. Once again, Brillante Oil and Prodigio Oil are our suggestions to set you up for success!