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Rossano Ferretti Parma – Looking back at our year

Oh, what a year it’s been! We certainly are living in unprecedented times with change transpiring at almost every corner. At Rossano Ferretti Parma (RF) – we’ve embraced this change. We’ve “rolled with the times”, taking each step with an innovative stride to bring you the very best in luxury haircare.

And now, as we reflect on the year, we feel fulfilled. We also feel excited and inspired for the year ahead.

But before we leap into the new year with gusto, we’d love to share our achievements with you. From new hair products and salons to awards and developing partnerships, 2021 has been an emotional year, bringing out the best in our brand.

“Emotion, for me, is the real luxury.”

– Rossano Ferretti


Rossano Ferretti Products 2021

First, and foremost, we’d like to re-introduce our perfect blend of new curated products.

In 2021, we launched our very own Professional Detangler Brush (available in a travel size too). This brush complements our nourishing hair formulas and cares for your hair by gently detangling knots on wet or dry hair, for optimally smoother locks.

Then, we added a detoxifying Scalp Scrub to our regenerating Prodigio collection. The Prodigio Scalp Scrub is the first in our line to directly target the skin on your scalp, encouraging healthier hair growth in its wake.

We also improved our fan-favourite pre-wash Prodigio Treatment Mask with an enhanced vegan formula that ultimately replenishes and renews hair.

Dolce Satin Glow Booster is a welcoming addition to our Dolce range and has already won multiple awards including the “Best Cruelty-Free Product” at the Global Green Beauty Awards and commended for being the “Best New Hair Styling Product” at the Pure Beauty Awards. The Dolce Satin Glow Booster is the perfect blow-dry companion that gives hair a silky and velvety makeover, it’s no surprise it’s already become a favourite!

Next, we have our extra-hydrating Vivace Leave In Conditioner, which has become a favourite amongst our vegan-friendly cruelty-free fans.

However – our most distinct launch of the year is our Gentile collection – the first-ever line of RF skin care products! These nourishing skin formulas use the same innovative skincare technology we apply in our haircare products, with the same alluring signature Rossano Ferretti scents. The collection currently includes a cleansing hand wash and a nourishing hand and nail crème.

Completing our luxury self-care experience, 2021 saw us launch our deLIGHTful limited edition RF luxury scented candles. Set the scene for an elegant ambience with our signature RF scented candles and bask in the comforting, uplifting, aromatic, spicy or woody allure of each candle. Each signature RF candle is limited edition and 100% crafted in Italy by our expert artisans. Our unique luxury fragrance is blended into slowly warmed wax and hand-poured into a beautiful glass design. The perfect gift for, well, anyone (treat yourself)!


New Rossano Ferretti Parma Hair Spas 2021

Broadening our horizons, we recently opened 3 new hair spas. These spas surpass themselves in luxury and style and are quintessential to our brand. We were thrilled to welcome Cheval Blanc Paris (alongside the Dior Spa), Park Hyatt Dubai *and* Park Hyatt New York, to our RF Hair Spa family! Follow this link to find a luxury Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa near you.


Rossano Ferretti Parma Awards 2021

We cherish and appreciate every award we have won this year and we are honoured, to say the least! Thank you to every person and entity that helped us attain our achievements – our success is built on family!

In 2021, RF received the following awards:

  • Grandioso Volumising Spray – Best Volumiser (highly commendable) – Marie Claire
  • Dolce Nourishing Mask – Best hair mask – Global Green Beauty Awards 2021
  • Dolce Satin Glow Booster – Best cruelty free product – Global Green Beauty Awards 2021
  • Dolce Satin Glow Booster – Best New Hair Styling Product (highly commended) – Pure Beauty Awards 2020
  • Grandioso Extra Volume Shampoo – Best Natural Shampoo – Global Green Beauty Awards 2021
  • Vivace Leave In Conditioner – Best Vegan Conditioner – Woman & Home Awards 2021
  • Rossano Ferretti – 2021’s Most Innovative Luxury Haircare Brand – LUXLife’s 2021 Leaders in Luxury Awards


The RF Network

To say “we beat Covid” is an understatement. Just like the rest of the world, we had to make quick adjustments to secure our hair spas.

We are extremely grateful that we were able to reopen the majority of our salons post-pandemic. We also continued to support our teams through online workshops and even made many in-house visits.

“I love to visit and catch up with our hair spa teams around the world as often as I can. Nothing quite beats the heart-warming feeling of meeting your teams face to face – some things simply cannot be shared through a screen!”

– Rossano Ferretti

We continued to expand the RF brand with new team members, and we collaborated along the way, sharing ideas, improving our skills, and drawing inspiration from one another.

Our Summer Campaign is an example of how we celebrated this newfound togetherness and freedom. It expressed the joy and gentle relief many of us felt (and still feel) as we ease out of restrictions and enter a new era.


Looking forward to 2022…

Rossano has exciting new plans, and we encourage you to…watch this space!

As we said, we plan on entering 2022 with “gusto” and the launch of new products is already in the works! We’ll be extending our luxury haircare collection one hair goal at a time so that we can curate the perfect blend that will target the specific needs of hair – as identified by our customers and hair artisans.

Our hope is that you will enter the new year with hope, passion, and self-reflection – knowing that your unique self is worthy of every little bit of love and care!