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Luxury hair care, made for you

This is Rossano Ferretti Parma – a luxury hair care brand born in Italy. Nourished by a strong, family-orientated heritage, our hair artistry and collection of the best nature-inspired hair products has grown to reach several parts of the globe. For us, this is ever-so exciting because it means we get to apply our talents to people far and wide, and this is how we make a difference!

Celebrating diversity with an appreciation for individuality, our style and outlook are to care for hair from a natural, unique perspective. Our luxury hair care products, therefore, offer a form of craftsmanship that goes beyond a brand. Each of our formulas has been created with quality and integrity in mind so that you can have beautiful healthy hair that supports your lifestyle.

“Our luxury hair products are sophisticated, but not at the expense of true happiness. The Rossano Ferretti family believes life should be joyous and harmonious, and our range supports this.”

– Rossano Ferretti

Hair care designed for individuality…

With a love for Italy and everything Italian, we are excited to connect you to the following haircare routines – where you will find a collection that supports your unique hair needs:

Dolce nourishing haircare routine – for all hair textures

Ideal for all hair types, the Dolce collection quenches, nourishes, and protects dry hair. It restores depleted locks, making them softer, shinier, and more manageable.

  1. Cleanse – Wash your hair with Dolce Repair & Nourish Shampoo. Inspired by the contrasting mountain and ocean landscapes of the Abruzzo region in Italy, this formula will rejuvenate your locks while leaving them beautifully scented with notes of peach, mandarin, vanilla, and caramel.
  2. Condition – Deeply hydrate your tresses with Dolce Repair & Nourish Hair Mask. Your hair will destress and feel silkier after just one application!
  3. Style -Complete your Dolce hair care routine with the award-winning Satin Glow Booster. Apply it to damp hair before styling it with hot tools or allowing it to air dry. Perfect for thirsty hair, this luxury product adds a velvet-like sheen to tresses while helping to keep frizz and tangles at bay.

Grandioso volumising haircare routine – adds volume to fine, limp hair

Do you need to pump up the volume? The Grandioso collection uses natural ingredients such as almond and ginseng to lift hair from the roots.

  1. Cleanse – Start your routine by washing your hair with global award-winning Grandioso Extra Volume Shampoo. Free from sulfates, this formula boosts and lifts hair to add volume, body, and shine.
  2. Condition – Moisturising hair without weighing it down, Grandioso Volumising Conditioner is perfect for limp, flat hair that’s in dire need of body and fullness.
  3. Style – Maintain your volumised look with Grandioso Volumising Spray. This formula can be used on damp or dry hair, making it the perfect on-the-go hair volumising companion.

Vita Rejuvenating haircare routine – restores, weak, thin or ageing hair

Our Vita Rejuvenating collection will help strengthen fragile locks that may be thinning or are ageing.

  1. Cleanse – Start your Vita haircare routine by freshening your locks with Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo. Inspired by autumn rains revitalising the Tuscany countryside, this enriched formula stimulates the scalp to aid hair growth, strength, and elasticity.
  2. Condition – Formulated with more than 98% naturally derived ingredients, the Vita Rejuvenating Hair Mask brings resilience, softness, and vitality back to fragile and depleted hair.
  3. Strengthen – Apply just a small amount of Vita Rejuvenating Serum to damp hair before styling. Using key ingredients like hyaluronic acid, your strands will be plumper and more pliant, making them resilient and healthy. You can also apply this serum directly to the scalp to improve stimulation for healthy hair regrowth!

Intenso Smoothing haircare routine – tame frizzy and frazzled locks (perfect for thick hair)

Looking for a smooth “do” that’s free from frizz and flyaways? Then indulge in our Intenso collection.

  1. Cleanse – Infused with macadamia and avocado, Intenso Moisturising & Smoothing Shampoo tames the thickest, unruliest hair and smoothens it as it cleanses.
  2. Condition – Deeply hydrate and seal in moisture with Intenso Softening & Smoothing Hair Mask. Use this mask just once or twice a week after shampooing and your hair will become silkier and easier to control!
  3. Style – Complete your Intenso routine with Intenso Smoothing Serum. Apply one to two pumps on damp hair and then comb it through for even distribution. Style your hair as usual and enjoy silkier, smoother, frizz-free thick and lustrous locks and curls.

With a team that works meticulously behind the scenes to achieve the highest quality luxury hair products that offer the best results; we’ve made it our goal to put quality and integrity first! All our luxury hair products are sulfate and paraben-free. They are also NOT tested on animals and are made with vegan-friendly, naturally ingredients – Internationally acclaimed and 100% in Italy.

“At Rossano Ferretti, we have a desire to support the environment and work for a better tomorrow.”

– Rossano Ferretti

We invite you to enjoy the experiences and sensations our uniquely crafted hair products offer – shop now!