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Natural and Cruelty Free Hair Care

The raw beauty of nature provides us with more than what meets the eye. It is enriched with wholesome resources that can be used to nourish our bodies in the gentlest and kindest of ways. At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we recognised the benefits of natural ingredients early and drew inspiration from the lush Italian landscape to formulate luxury hair care products that are up to 99% naturally derived. The result is a designer haircare range that includes ethically sourced natural ingredients, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and parabens to be ultimately effective.

Usually, making the switch to natural haircare products is a process and you must wait patiently for your hair and skin to adapt to the new ingredients before you can thoroughly reap the benefits. However, with Rossano Ferretti products, you will be amazed at how the results are instantaneous. This is because we use highly enriching and powerful natural ingredients that control the transition process for the best results after just one use. Our research into the best natural ingredients for hair has also allowed us to create products that are targeted at specific hair needs or concerns, all while being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Why is natural hair care so important?

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Vita rejuvenating shampoo

Many mainstream hair products use silicones and plastics to create the illusion of healthy hair. These ingredients coat your locks to make them appear shiny and soft, without nourishing them or stimulating long term benefits. Once you have started using professional natural hair care products, you will start the process of rejuvenating the hair from the inside out.

Chemicals and parabens do help to keep your hair clean and fresh, but their disadvantage is that they can do more harm than good.

A luxury natural shampoo such as Rossano Ferretti Parma’s Vita rejuvenating paraben-free shampoo is an example of an amazing paraben-free natural alternative that uses gentle plant-based ingredients to cleanse hair so that it is fresh and stimulated for optimal healthy growth.

Why are parabens bad for hair?

Parabens are preservatives found in many commercial hair care products. The first reason why you want to avoid them is that they are easily absorbed through your skin and are harmful to your scalp and endocrine system. Secondly, they can cause several problems for your hair including drying, irritating your scalp, fading your colour, and even hair loss.

To clean, energise, and nourish hair, choose quality hair care products that include the following safe and effective ingredients:

  • Vitamins A, B & E
  • Ginseng
  • Green tea
  • Grape
  • Shea butter
  • Pomegranate
  • Aloe vera

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Prodigio regenerating treatment.Natural hair care products for all ethnicities

The good news…

Rossano Ferretti Parma caters to all hair ethnicity textures and our formulas cover a broad spectrum of hair types and hair needs. Not only will our natural hair care range rectify the damage caused by harsh brands, but it will also enhance your locks for hair that looks better and healthier than before.

***Try our Prodigio regenerating pre-wash treatment for locks that have been damaged or over-processed. Containing over 95% naturally derived ingredients such as shea butter and olive, your strands will be replenished, renewed, and regenerate for healthy hair.

Eliminating hair concerns with natural products

Our team of hair experts has always been one step ahead. Not only did we aspire to create natural, cruelty-free hair products that are NOT TESTED ON ANY ANIMALS before this practice became a trend, but we quickly made it our priority to provide natural and effective solutions to most, if not all, hair concerns.

For frizzy and untameable hair – use our Intenso Smoothing Shampoo

For dry and brittle hair – use our new Dolce Satin Glow Booster

For thin and limp hair – use our award-winning Grandioso Volumising Spray

For thick and untameable hair – use our Intenso Smoothing Serum

For hair loss prevention – use our Vita Rejuvenating Mask

With three generations of hair heritage behind our name, our cruelty free hair care products envelop nature and are lovingly made in Italy to provide your hair with gentle nourishing formulas that work. Packaged in elegant bottles that are also sustainably made, we are a luxury haircare brand that aspires to reduce its environmental effect. Are you ready to take the pledge and incorporate the best natural hair care products into your hair care routine?

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