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Repair damaged hair

Repair damaged hair with the Prodigio Regenerating Treatment

Looking for best way to repair damaged hair? Let us introduce you to our popular Prodigio Regenerating Treatment. This is a multi award-winning haircare product that we are truly proud of! From receiving the 2019 Byrdie Eco Beauty Award to being favourited by celebrities across the globe, this is a reparative hair mask that makes a distinct difference to hair from the very first application.  

So, what’s in the bottle? 

Upon opening this luxury formula, you’ll be met with alluring fruity, caramel, and vanilla scents. But as pleasantly stimulating as this product is to one’s senses, the magic lies in the wholesome natural ingredients that take effect upon application, and repair damaged hair.

Made using over 95% naturally derived ingredients, this hair repair treatment is more than capable of regenerating hair that’s in the poorest condition.  

Ingredients include: 

  • Keratin This is a protein that works wonders at improving hair’s elasticity. It also protects against cuticle damage and hair breakage whilst restoring strength to strands. 
  • Olive – Olive oil is enriched with antioxidants that protect hair from damage. It also has impressive protective and moisturising properties that provide lustre and life to dull and depleted locks 
  • Shea butter This natural ingredient helps to soothe hair that’s been over-processed and exposed to harsh elements. Its moisturising and protective properties are optimally beneficial to dry and fragile hair while the healthy fats and vitamins aid in cell regeneration and circulation for thriving tresses as well as a healthy scalp.  


What makes this hair treatment a little unique is that it is applied before you shampoo your hair (unlike most treatments that are applied after shampooing). The exact application steps are as follows:  

  1. Spray your hair with water so that it is slightly damp. 
  2. Place one or two walnut-sized amounts of Prodigio treatment onto the palm of your hand. Rub your palms together to evenly distribute the treatment.  
  3. Massage it through the lengths of your hair and gently comb through to distribute it evenly.  
  4. Repeat the application if you  have thick hair to ensure you have dowsed all of your strands.  
  5. Leave the treatment on for at least 10 minutes.  
  6. Proceed with shampooing and conditioning your hair as usual. 

We have a great video available that will walk you through these steps.

What is a pre-shampoo treatment (pre-poo)? 

Prodigio Regenerating Treatment is the perfect example of the popular “pre-poo” fad (we say fad, but we think this trend is here to stay)! Now, as strange as the term may sound, and we do think it’s quite strange, the ideology is genius and comes down to some compelling science.  

Firstly, a pre shampoo treatment can come in many forms but the concept remains the same. You treat and infuse your hair with moisture and nourishing ingredients before you wash it so that you ultimately restore moisture to your strands before you put them through the shampooing process. This way, you can balance out the overall look of your locks and prevent hair breakage. 

The benefits of Prodigio Regenerating Treatment: 

We may be biased but our fans certainly agree when we say that the Prodigio Regenerating Treatment is by far the best mask for damaged hair. It’s a powerful pre-wash product that has a multitude of benefits. For example, it: 

  • Repairs damaged hair for an instant and notably improved healthy look and feel. 
  • Is long-lasting; a little bit goes a long way. You only have to use it occasionally to keep your hair in optimum condition. 
  • Contains all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants  the hair needs to look and feel amazing! 

Prodigio regenerating treatment – born in Italy, inspired by nature 

Rossano Ferretti Parma prides itself in being a brand that is rich in Italian heritage. Our love for our country is infused in our hair products. From scents and textures to the ingredients and the brilliant haircare results, our formulas are as authentic as they can get.  

Did you know? 

 Prodigio Regenerating Treatment is: 


Animal cruelty-free 

Free of parabens and other harsh chemicals 

Made from over 95% naturally derived ingredients 

Made with ultimate love and care.  

For the most outstanding hair results, pair your Prodigio Regenerating Treatment with the best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. Visit our luxury online store to browse our collection of designer haircare products that have been formulated for all hair types.  

We can’t wait to help you on your haircare journey.