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Summer Campaign 2022 – Contatti sensoriali – a sensorial awakening…

Benvenuti! We welcome you to our latest Italian luxury hair care campaign: a journey towards carefree, joyful living!

This summer, our collective goal at Rossano Ferretti Parma is to tap into our thirst for human contact and oneness with nature. As a new era of luxury approaches, our team remains at the forefront, eagerly casting an authentic brand that supports the appreciation of senses and holistic real experiences.

This need to live authentically with one another drives our campaign’s ethos:


Contatti sensoriali!

Contatti sensoriali (sensory contacts) invites you to embrace the idea of richness through sensory experiences and wholesome memories.

“We want you to feel the warmth of a familiar embrace, the tingling sensation of a new touch, the wondrous feeling of the elements: a gentle breeze rustling through your hair, the soft warmth of hazy sunshine on your skin and the rich earthy scents of nature that surrounds you…”

To help you experience these indulgent summer sensations, Rossano Ferretti continues to make hair care simple yet entirely luxurious.

Our premium hair care products remain gentle (no harmful chemicals or sulphates), effective, and infused with the very best ingredients from nature. Designed for a sensorial awakening, we bring to you soft, beautiful flowing summer hair that will complement a season of relaxed, connected living!

“Emotion, for me, is the real luxury.”

– Rossano Ferretti

Through our line of Italian inspired hair products, we support our founder’s belief that emotion is the real luxury. Behind emotion lies the core of true beauty – a drive towards an authentic “self” that’s embraced, accepted, shared, and loved.

Share your authentic self this summer! Use the warm, hazy days to stir emotions of connectedness while you bask in the sunlight and appreciate the skin (and hair) you’re in!


Reach out, share, revel!

This summer, we encourage you to reach out and share the sensory experiences of the season. Swathe your skin and hair with natural, real, products – move slowly and artfully – and remember to revel in diversity, embracing the differences of others as we enter a new era of connectedness.

Rossano has told many of his clients over the years:

“You and your hair are unique, and that is what makes you beautiful.”

For the summer of 2022 and the summers beyond, this statement still stands. You are unique, you are beautiful, you are worthy of the luxury that our brand has to offer! Now, indulge!


Contatti Sensoriali, an ode to our sensory experiences, where relaxed elegance resonates perfectly with dreamy long days of an Italian summer…