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Winter Campaign 2023: A Celebration of Italian Essence and Timeless Elegance

Nestled within the venerable walls of the Montechiarugolo Castle, in the city of Parma, Italy, a vision was taking shape; a vision of beauty, strength, and the eloquence of Italian heritage. We are thrilled to present to you our latest Winter campaign, depicting a poignant portrayal of natural grace, confidence, and self-expression.

The mastermind behind this unique concept is none other than our very own Rossano Ferretti, whose visionary direction breathed life into this artistic endeavour. Drawing inspiration from the unparalleled charm of nature and the richness of Italian culture, the campaign is a symbiotic union of heritage, creativity, and passion.



In Rossano’s words:

“The essence of our campaign lies in the celebration of individuality and the timeless allure of Italian culture. I wanted to capture not just the aesthetics, but the emotion, the strength, and the confidence that resides in each of us. It’s about being comfortable in your skin, embracing your uniqueness, and allowing nature’s beauty to shine through.”


Image of a girl of color with braided hair and glasses.The stunning Montechiarugolo Castle, of the Marchi family, served as the backdrop, adding a layer of mystique and authenticity to the campaign. This majestic setting was transformed into a canvas that artfully depicted the union of Italian heritage and contemporary elegance.

Image of three girls with different hairstyles.

Our Creative Director, Stefania Colman, worked tirelessly, together with our Artistic Director Lorenza Ferretti, to ensure that every detail was perfect. From the set design to the coordination with the models, her expertise brought a soul-stirring depth to the entire project.

Here’s what Stefania had to say about the experience:

“Working with the models was an extraordinary journey, particularly as some were not professional models but fans of our brand. Their love for what we stand for resonated in every frame. They became living embodiments of strength, confidence, and self-expression. The castle itself whispered stories of Italian grace, allowing us to create a setting that transcends mere aesthetics.”


This is more than a campaign; it’s an invitation to explore the intimate connection between inner strength and outer beauty. The imagery speaks of nature’s gentle touch, amplified by our signature Italian Designer Haircare collection. Crafted in Italy with the finesse and quality synonymous with Rossano Ferretti Parma, our products are the perfect companions to accentuate your natural charm.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma products.

We welcome you to delve into the artistry of natural hair beauty, to find inspiration in the love of self, the embrace of heritage, and the eternal dance with nature. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of Italian sophistication and the joy of being you.

To discover more about this exclusive journey and our collection of Italian Designer Haircare, we invite you to explore our world. Uncover the magic, feel the elegance, and let your true self shine with Rossano Ferretti Parma.


A Celebration of Italian Essence and Timeless Elegance: where the essence of Italy meets the spirit of you.