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How much hair product should I use?

At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we’ve formulated our line of luxury hair care products to follow a “less is more approach”. This means that one premium haircare blend can be stretched over weeks (if not months), and you will still have fabulous hair that is beautifully natural-looking and in optimal health. You’ll also save money in the long run – so much so that you may just be tempted into indulging in some of our other luxe hair products

Typically speaking, applying a small amount of product to your hair causes less build-up on your scalp and strands, although this isn’t really an issue if you use our products because we use upto 99% natural ingredients that absorb seamlessly into your hair. Even so, we delight in the fact that with our haircare range, a little goes a long way and you can enjoy our nourishing and sensual formulas for longer.

Now, to answer your question: how much hair product should I use?

This depends on whether you are using the right products for your hair type.  If you use a collection that’s not suited to your hair coupled with using too much or too little of each formula, then you won’t get the desired results. The good news is that, unlike many other brands, we have formulated products that target unique hair types so that you can get grand results using modest quantities.

How much hair product should I use on thin hair?

Thin hair can be plumped up with a volumising shampoo and conditioner. For the shampoo, we suggest a walnut-sized amount for fine or flat hair. If your hair has extra build-up or excess oils than usual, you would be forgiven for thinking that doubling up on the shampoo amount will solve the problem – this is not true! Instead, start with the same amount before rinsing and shampooing again. You’ll find that you’ll be able to achieve the same results with much less product that you think you’ll need. Fabulous, right?

Thin or flat hair is rarely ‘very dry’, so it won’t need too much conditioner to absorb enough moisture for healthy locks. Once again, aim for a walnut-sized amount. Double this amount if you have very long hair and want to make sure that your tips are getting enough nourishment.

Our top picks for thin or flat hair:

How much hair product to use on thick hair?Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Intenso smoothing routine with the moisturising & smoothing shampoo, the softening & smoothing mask and the softening & smoothing serum.

With thick hair, there’s a larger area to cover, so you’ll need to apply just a little more than a walnut-sized amount. For thick hair, we recommend our Intenso collection. This range is too rich for thin hair, but it does wonders for dense locks that need to be tamed. The collection includes a shampoo, smoothing mask, and smoothing serum, all of which draw inspiration from the vigorous hair and intense emotions of the people of Sicily and Sardinia.

If you do have thick or “vigorous” hair, you may also want to bear in mind that you can get away with washing your hair less often. Thicker hair usually takes longer to reach a state of oiliness and the longer the stretch between washes, the more time you give your locks to self-nourish. You can always use a premium dry shampoo on the days where you feel like your tresses need a little “oomph” (massage 3-4 drops into the front of your scalp and roots and 3-4 drops into the back of your scalp and roots)!

How much product to use in curly hair?

Curly hair often has a mind of its own and needs special attention. If you’re looking to tame and straighten your strands, that’s where we have the ultimate solution – Velluto Straightening Serum. This opulent formula has been lovingly designed using natural ingredients to smoothen and de-frizz hair. It works well with the Intenso collection, and 1-2 walnut-sized amounts worked through the lengths of your hair will give you beautifully tamed locks. If you want to maintain your hair’s natural form, continue using the Intenso serum for ultimately nourished, frizz-free and easy-to-manage locks.

Do you have a “one size fits all” solution?

If your hair is medium-thickness, the ultimate go-to option is our Dolce range which includes a shampoo, hair mask and styler that work delightfully well together to ensure that your locks are kept supremely hydrated, healthy and shiny

Dolce Nourishing Shampoo – a walnut-sized amount of this formula is all you need to cleanse your hair and nourish your strands in one go.

Dolce Nourishing Hair Mask – one or two walnut-sized amounts (depending on how dry your hair is) is all you’ll need to quench thirsty hair in need of hydration!

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Brillante protect and shine oilThere’s more –

No matter whether your hair is thick or thin, curly, or straight – it needs protection. Your hot hair styling tools and even exposure to the sun’s UV rays can damage your hair, leaving it in an unhealthy state of disarray. This means that a protective product for your hair has to be included in your hair care regimen.

We’re in love with the popular Brillante Oil. Apply just 2-3 drops on the ends of wet or dry hair to deeply hydrate, seal, and protect hair from heat and dry air whilst adding a glossy sheen to your lush locks.


How to fix too much product in natural hair?

If you have applied too much product to your hair and the result is greasy limp strands, you can try one of the following solutions before heading to the shower and washing your hair…again:

  1. Some products, such as hair spray, solidify and you may be able to brush out some of the residue
  2. Apply a spritz of dry shampoo to your locks. Dry shampoo absorbs products and grease to leave hair looking cleaner.
  3. If the product is on a small section of your hair, try shampooing and rinsing that section only.