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How to add volume to hair: 7 professional tips

Envision bouncy curls, buoyant roots, and long tresses that flow elegantly with each movement you make.

This is Rossano Ferretti Parma – Italian creators of beautiful, volumised and natural-looking hair.

Here, we offer professional tips on how to give hair volume using kind-to-hair products that work harmoniously with hair type and texture.

“Volumising hair is an easy way to make it appear healthy and vibrant. It’s also a clever technique to lift limp, listless locks so they are more supple and pliant for styling.”

Rossano Ferretti

Our approach is a gentle one. Here, we share advice on how to volumise hair by subtly altering haircare regimens and using the best Rossano Ferretti volumising products. Let’s start.


Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Grandioso volumising routine with the extra volume shampoo, the volumising conditioner and the volumising spray.1.   Infuse your locks with volume from the get-go.

Wash and nourish your locks with a volumising shampoo and conditioner. For example, give hair volume, body, bounce, and root-lifting volume with the Grandioso collection. Inspired by the lush scenery of Umbria, the green heart of Italy, our home, we created this formula using naturally derived ingredients like ginseng, avocado, and keratin that boost hair.

“Tired, thin, and ageing hair may benefit from our Vita Rejuvenating Shampoo, which can be used with the Grandioso collection or with our indulgent Vita Rejuvenating Mask,” says our hair maestro, Rossano Ferretti.

Volumising shampoos, conditioners, and masks help to encourage light, buoyant locks before any enhancing products are applied and are thus the perfect haircare investment.

Important: Concentrate masks/conditioner on the lengths of your hair, keeping the formula away from your roots. This will help prevent hair from feeling greasy quickly, which is common in fine, thinner hair.


Image of a girl washing her hair.2.   Wash your hair with care.

While washing your hair, remember to treat your tresses with care. Even the strongest hair strands can break easily, and you should avoid vigorous friction. Instead, take time to gently massage shampoo into your roots and scalp. This stimulation will improve circulation and encourage healthy, vibrant hair growth while preventing limp, broken strands.

The same applies to drying your hair. Refrain from rubbing hair dry with a towel, allowing locks to air dry when possible, or using a cotton shirt to gently soak up excess moisture.


3.   Apply hair volumising products to damp hair.

Hair volume products are typically the quickest way to lift strands and add volume to hair. With three generations of hair heritage behind our brand, we’re confident that we offer the best professional hair products for lifted locks.

“We have been taking care of hair for three generations, and now we have the power to bring our expertise to your home.”

Rossano Ferretti

Our favourite solutions for adding volume are Vita Rejuvenating Serum, Grandioso Volumising Spray and Favoloso Natural Volumising Mousse.

Vita Serum uses green tea, konjac, and hyaluronic acid to plump hair strands, helping fragile and depleted hair to look and feel thicker. Favoloso Mousse is a lightweight no-gas mousse that adds an impressive volume boost and added bounce with a light hold and no stickiness.

*Both Vita Serum and Favoloso mousse are applied to damp hair before drying (a little goes a long way). Damp hair absorbs product easier than dry hair, allowing you to reap the formula’s full potential.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's styling products


4.   Blow-dry hair upside down.

Blow-drying hair upside down enhances volume at the roots. Our Hair Artists suggest the following steps for optimal blow-drying volume:

  • Apply the Vita Serum, to damp hair.
  • Hang your head low and blow your hair until it is partially dry, keeping your blow dryer on a low-medium heat setting.
  • When your hair is almost dry, flip it back over and use a round brush to lift your hair up from the roots, aiming the nozzle upwards from underneath your hair.
  • Turn your dryer onto a cold/cool setting and blast your hair to seal in the product/s you applied and to achieve ultimate fullness.


5.   Change your hair parting, occasionally.

Quick tip:

Change your hair parting occasionally to introduce a new “lift” around the roots. Hair tends to get comfy when it settles in a particular way. By changing your hair parting, you encourage a new position that defies gravity – for a while, at least.

6.   Eat nutritious meals.

Eating healthy, nutritious meals positively impacts vibrant, stronger hair growth from the inside out. Strong hair is less likely to break and fall, thus giving the appearance of fuller, thicker hair.

Foods that are good for strong, healthy hair growth include:

  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Protein-rich foods like meat and beans

These foods are rich in vitamin D, zinc, fatty acids, and biotin – ingredients needed for generous, strengthened hair growth. Before making any dietary changes we always recommend to consult a nutrition professional.


7.   Trim your hair regularly.

Last, trim your hair regularly to encourage healthy hair growth and prevent hair splitting up the shaft. Hair that’s healthy is more likely to hold its own volume but is also more likely to react to volumising hair products.

We also recommend treating yourself to a professional haircut. A good cut can quickly transform the look of fine, flat hair. Take Rossano Ferretti Parma’s exclusive “Ferretti Metodo Cut,” for example. “The haircut works in harmony with the hair and not against it, and hence is known in the industry as the Ferretti invisible haircut,” says Ferretti.

Treat yourself to a harmonising, volumising haircut at any of our luxurious destination Rossano Ferretti Hair Spas.