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How to Care for Hair Extensions?

How to Care for Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a fabulous and effective way to instantly change your look. They’re indulgently discreet and can be used to add length, volume, and a change of colour to your locks. As easy as they are to create and attach, however, they do require a certain amount of tender love and care – so that they can continue to compliment your radiance and flair, of course.

So, if you do plan on treating yourself to hair extensions – or perhaps you’ve already spoilt yourself with this luxury, then this guide is for you. We’re about to share professional haircare advice which will become invaluable to your haircare routine. 

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Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions?Image of a blonde girl with long, wavy and shiny hair.

Hair extensions are not exempt from drying out, becoming tangled or losing their shine. Just like your natural tresses, extensions need to be moisturised, brushed, and protected from the elements. 

* How long do hair extensions last?

The lifespan of quality hair extensions can range anywhere between 3 months to a year (or longer), depending on how often you wear them and the measures you take to care for them.  For example, their lifespan is shortened every time they’re washed. If you prioritise moisturising them, you can prolong their lifespan. The recipe for brilliant celebrity-like hair, therefore, lies in your approach. 

7 Ways to Ultimately Care for Your Hair Extensions

Whether you’re new to hair extensions or have used them before, refreshing your memory and brushing up on techniques on how to adequately take care of them is always recommended by haircare professionals. Establishing a good routine with your hair extensions from the start will encourage good habits – with hair that turns heads as the ultimate result! 

We suggest you: 

  1. Wash with Care

Harsh chemical-laden shampoos may dry your hair extensions out more than necessary. We recommend that you rather use a gentle shampoo that relies on mostly natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish your locks. 

*To avoid drying your hair out even further, try to keep shampooing to a minimum – wash your hair every third day, if possible. If you don’t wear your extensions every day, you can get away with washing them even less frequently. 

  1. Make Moisturising a Priority

For hair extensions that shine and radiate health like your natural locks, a dedicated moisturising routine is key. 

Your extensions may not benefit from the oils produced by your scalp like your natural strands do. This means that they need to be hydrated and infused with moisture using formulas that mimic the job of naturally secreted oils.  

We are simply smitten with Dolce Nourishing Mask – a professional salon-quality mask that uses shea butter, fruit oils, Keratin, and Hyaluronic acid to turn the coarsest hair into silk! 

  1. Brush Gently

If you’re serious about your extensions, you may just want to consider investing in a Loop Hair Extension brush. This brush features unique nylon loops that glide through hair without snagging and damaging wefts. 

If you’d prefer to use a normal detangling brush or comb, that’s OK too! Just remember to carefully brush out the extensions from the bottom of the hair slowly working upwards towards the root.

* See point number 4 for more detangling advice.

  1. Delicately Dry and Detangle

Heat can dry out hair extensions, leaving them brittle and more susceptible to breakage. Try to establish a routine where you blow-dry them on a cool setting or allow them to air-dry if you have the time. 

Use a detangling comb to work your way through slightly damp or dry hair. Use a quality detangling hair product for gentler detangling. 

  1. Style Lovingly

Okay, so we’ve been going on as though hair extensions are delicate beings that need to be bubble-wrapped and tip-toed around. But this is not true. Modern extensions are extremely hardy, and they can endure the exact same styling processes that you’d apply to your own hair. Just remember that even styling natural hair requires a certain finesse and you want to limit the amount of heat and processing you apply to your tresses.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Dolce nourishing shampoo.

  1. Use Products for Hair Extensions

There are many luxury hair extension products on the market that have been scientifically formulated to keep hair extensions (and even wigs) in optimal condition. 

Treat yourself to Rossano Ferretti Parma’s Dolce Range. The range includes a Nourishing Shampoo, a Nourishing Mask, and a Protect and Detangling spray. These products have been thoughtfully created to nourish coarse hair, such as hair extensions.  Drawing inspiration from Italy’s contrasting mountain and ocean landscapes of the Abruzzo region, this is a designer hair range that celebrities and models use to stimulate soft, silky and BEAUTIFUL hair! 

  1. Store Them Properly 

When you’re not wearing your extensions, make sure to store them in a safe aerated space away from direct sunlight. Why? Because even when we aren’t flaunting them, hair extensions can be exposed to harmful elements.

The bottom line… 

With a proper and dedicated routine, you can wear your extensions for months on end.  Ready to enjoy fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking locks?