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How to Create the Perfect Ponytail

Your hair type and the products you use play a huge role in how successfully you can style your hair in an updo. The health of your hair matters too – having healthy hair makes your locks easier to work with and will help you create the perfect ponytail that will stay put all day. Here’s our styling secrets, including sleek and straight ponytails, as well as bouncy curled updos to add lots of volume and movement…

Image of a blonde girl seen from behind with a ponytail and a colourful bow.Why ponytails are the perfect everyday style

Today we lead busier lifestyles than ever before. With more pressure to have it all and look great while we are doing it, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to styling your hair for the everyday. When you are busy and have a jam-packed schedule, you need a hairstyle that not only looks great, but is practical too.

A ponytail keeps your hair off your face and out the way, but when done properly looks stylish and is flattering and on-trend too. Furthermore, with the right product you can ensure your hair stays in place all day, so that you feel great no matter where your day takes you.

Prep is key

You might not be aware that the products that you use and the quality of your hair play an important role in creating the perfect ponytail. Your hair should be clean, but not too slippy and glossy which can make it difficult to work with. It shouldn’t be weighed down with product either, as this will cause you to lose body resulting in an unflattering style that sits very close to your scalp. Hair health is important too. If you plan on wearing your hair in a ponytail regularly consider swapping any products that you use that contain artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals to natural alternatives.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Grandioso extra volume shampoo and the volumising conditioner.

When it comes to prep, start by washing your hair using a shampoo ideal for your hair type. For fine, thin and flat hair try Grandioso Volumising Shampoo and Conditioner, which with over 92% natural ingredients like Shea butter, sunflower seeds and Avocado will help you prepare for a ponytail with lots of body, or for thick hair try the Intenso Shampoo and Mask which uses Green Tea, Macadamia nuts and vegetable proteins in the award winning formulas and will get your hair ready for a smooth and straight ponytail. While the hair is still damp, spritz with the Dolce Spray a no rinse, no residue spray with over 95% natural ingredients, perfectly designed to detangle, hydrate and prevent breakage, the later being much more likely to happen when styling an up-do.

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Intenso moisturising & smoothing shampoo and the softening & smoothing mask.

How to create a straight ponytail

If your hair is naturally straight, all you will need is a touch of the Brilliante Oil to add shine and smooth any fly away hair thanks to Grape seed oil and rosemary that won’t leave an oily residue on the hair. If your hair is naturally curly or frizzy, try the Velluto Serum a true hair pro’s secret award winning product with Sesame seed and Almond proteins the over 95% natural recipe. Hair that’s prone to frizz will need a little extra helping hand to stay smooth all day, and a serum is the ideal choice to maintain a smooth and sleek look.

After you have washed the hair and applied your optional serum, blow dry straight until completely dry. You can also help your hair to achieve a perfectly sleek and straight look with a hair straightener, but is very important to apply a product to protect your hair from heat damage and to choose a tools with the latest technology that controls heat and responds to the needs of your hair, such as the GHD Platinum+. Next decide whether you want a high or low ponytail and brush your hair in the direction that your ponytail will sit, to smooth out any bumps or tangles. If you want a smooth ponytail from root to tip, gather your hair up and brush once more to ensure your hair is completely smooth, then use a band to secure. If you want to add a bit of volume, try back brushing lightly at the crown after brushing but before gathering your hair into a ponytail.

*Top top: take a small section of hair, then wrap this around your ponytail to conceal the hair tie, using a hair pin to secure the end underneath.

How to create a wavy/curly ponytail

Whether you want a loose wave or big curl, a ponytail with a bit of texture and movement to it can be really stylish and flattering. The main objective when it comes to prepping your hair is to add volume and texture. After you have washed your hair using a volumising shampoo and conditioner, try the Favoloso Mousse before you blow dry. Adding an impressive volume boost, work through your hair with a large round brush to create natural curls with a lot of bounce or with a curling iron for more defined waves. This another hair pro’s product and a great favourite of top hairdressers thanks to the 95% natural ingredients Aloe and Ginseng.

Once dry, tip your hair upside down and shake up the curls using your finger-tips starting from the roots. If you want a high ponytail, keep your head in this upside down position and gather your hair up. Holding your hair in place, tip your head back upright and secure your ponytail with a band. As above, take a small section of hair and wrap this around the band. If you want a bit more texture and volume, try teasing a few pieces of hair out a little at the top to add a bit more height, and tease a few strands out around your face to soften.

More top tips to create the perfect ponytail

You don’t have to wash your hair everyday to achieve a great ponytail, afterall who has time for that anyway? Washing your hair everyday isn’t great for your hair or scalp as it can dry it out, so avoid this regardless.

A ponytail is a great in between washes hairstyle, all you need to do is refresh your hair a little to improve the volume at the roots, then scoop your hair up into a ponytail and you’re good to go. To do this, use the Vivace Dry Shampoo – a great alternative to basic and chemical packed dry shampoos which has amazing natural ingredients like Peppermint and Sage in the 90% natural and Vegan formula with No powders, no Gas and no alcohol, clean sing the scalp and refreshing your style in between washes.

A ponytail is a great option for your everyday busy lifestyle, but can also look fantastic and chic for special occasions too. Remember prep is key to ensuring your perfect ponytail stays put all day long.