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International Women’s Day at Rossano Ferretti

From salon owners and brand ambassadors to leading hair artists and corporate directors, the hairdressing world has much to celebrate when it comes to women in the industry. From our very own Artistic Director, Lorenza Ferretti, to RF Hair Artists and trainees just starting out in their careers, women are celebrated in every aspect of hairdressing, from creative roles to business leaders and everything in between!

We are proud to be part of an industry where women can engage – on equal footing – impact, influence and steer this fantastic creative world of hairdressing. As opportune as the hairdressing business may be, the demands are equally high as many women try to balance their careers with other life priorities.  Given the amazing career opportunities, flexibility and gender equality strides being made within the hairdressing industry, you’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘Do we even need International Women’s Day? Aren’t we already dismantling the patriarchy one day at a time? Isn’t every day International Women’s Day?’. The answer to all is of course a resounding sì!

But, unfortunately, the stats across many sectors are still telling an entirely different story and so, until there is no longer a debate on the issue, we will continue to work within our industry and strive to do better and be better,

We spoke to 3 amazing women from our teams in Parma, New York, and Milan to find out who inspires them the most and what Women’s Day means to them…

Lorenza Ferretti – Artistic Director:

Image of a woman with long, curly red hair

(Italian translated)

“Since 1977, women’s day has been celebrated every year, or better to say, the International Day of Women’s rights. A date that is, to say the least, important if we remember the social, economic, and political achievements of women, but also a date that underlines the numerous discrimination and violence in which women are still miserably protagonists.

Diversity, be it territorial, race, social or gender, continues to be a discordant note, played with the bitter instrument of prejudice, which contaminates history, not only of a part of the world, but of all humanity!

Throughout my artistic career, I have fought against stereotypes by trying to give space and transmitting trust in women through individual expression. In fact, throughout history, hair has contributed to identification and belonging that have led to important social changes. Even our work can contribute to breaking down the barriers of discrimination, using languages and images that blend cultures, traditions and subjectivities of all ethnic groups, genders, and religions.

For 30 years I have been talking to women about diversity and imperfections as an opportunity and a source of great wealth and inspiration to evolve as a human being.

I have been inspired by different women for different reasons, some for strength and tenacity as real activists, others like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, and Katharine Hepburn to name a few, for their androgynous style so glamorous even today and for their courage to go against convention.

We will still need icons of this caliber as a source of inspiration for the new generations.”

Kristen Vincelli – RF Hair Artist, Park Hyatt New York :

Image of a woman with short, straight blonde hair.“International Women’s Day is a day to reflect on how far we have come. It is also a time to recognize how much more dedication we need to give to achieve gender equality.  It is a time to honor the brave women who have paved the ways in breaking down barriers and created opportunities for other women. 

As a working single mother of two adult children, IWD is of the utmost importance to me. Even if you don’t have the drive to make big changes… You can make a difference just by supporting women in any opportunity that you can.

A woman that inspires me the most is Jeanne De Kroon. Jeanne is a designer of the unique clothing company Zazi Vintage. Jeanne is from the Netherlands which is near and dear to my heart because of my heritage. I have close relationships with my relatives in the Netherlands.

This particular Designer has 652 female artisans in five countries collaborating a clothing line appealing to a conscious consumer. Zazie Vintage is famous for their dresses and coats, the designs are rich in color and beautiful fabrics with embroidery.

80% of people who work in fashion are women but only 10% are owners due to the middleman system of  big factories and supply chain. This collaboration is so inspiring to me because it is  a network around the world bringing talented women together with not only a unique approach to design but also symbolic and meaningful. For example they have teamed up with two sisters Janhari and Juhi who started a plant dyes  studio in Mumbai. Every morning they go to the local temples and take the waste  flowers and turn it into a natural clothing dye. There are so many other interesting stories behind this amazing brand. Like Rossano Ferretti, it’s truly a company that has intentions behind their creativity and that is to support women around the world!”

Giusy Cacciatore – RF Hair Artist, Milano :

(Italian translated)

“For me, Women’s Day is a day to remember the social and political achievements of the brImage of a hairdresser blow-drying a client's hair.ave women and activists who have fought hard for equality in all aspects of work and living. But I also believe that there is still so much more work to do. I am fortunate that I work in the hair industry, particularly Rossano Ferretti, where there are many opportunities for women and I am proud that I work for a company that is not afraid to shatter stereotypes and break boundaries. It is so refreshing!

As for the woman who has inspired me most in my life? It is not easy for me to answer this, as I grew up with my father and brother… However I do have iconic women that I admire I look up to from an artistic perspective, as well as their elegant and natural sophistication:

Alda Merini – for her intense, passionate and mystic poetry.

Winona Ryder – I absolutely loved her in Autumn in New York .

Audrey Hepburn – for her supreme, class, sophistication and humanitarian work.

Angelina Jolie  – for her undeniable sensuality and her ability to embrace her elegant natural beauty.

But the one that inspired me most of all is the woman I never met, but who gave me the most precious thing I have – Life!❤️ there is nothing more difficult than trying to be grateful to those who have given you such a great task that is to live for two…”

And on that wonderfully inspiring note…

The Rossano Ferretti team would like to wish all the women of the world a very happy women’s day! Let’s celebrate this day as a reminder that every day is a day to break barriers and be our true selves in a challenging world.  Women across the globe want and deserve an equal future free from stigma, stereotypes, and violence; a future that’s sustainable, peaceful, with equal rights and opportunities for all!