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  1. Travel around the world with Rossano Ferretti

    Leaves change colour, boots take the place of sandals, children go back to school and parents go back to work: here you are again, dear Autumn.

    We love this season of change, we even love the morning frost and fog … Maybe we can’t go to the seaside, but we can all still travel, with our imagination!

    We will tell you about the cities we love – so you can dream of visiting them, without ever having to move from the couch. But that’s not all! So take notes as they will be useful when preparing your next journey.

    How are we going to choose the cities? That’s easy.

    We are going to speak about places we know and love well, to give you the best advice from the locals themselves: they are the places where we work every day, where Rossano Ferretti has his salons. Monaco, Parma, Abu Dhabi, New York, just to name a few. We want to brighten your reading time with some secret tips about hot destinations around the world, through the eyes of a stylish Italian guy, Rossano Ferretti. A man who has often been hailed as having a “natural instinct for beauty”.

    We can promise you, it will be exciting to receive, for free, a totally personal touristic guide, especially composed, for you, by Rossano himself. 

    In our blog posts you will find advice about the architecture and cultural life of each city and if you have ever been fortunate to meet Rossano personally, you would know that he is a gourmet food fan and an amazing chef. So be sure to read our best tips about restaurants, bars, delicatessen shops, eateries, pizzerias, gelaterias or whatever else we feel will delight you, with little wonderful tasting pleasures. 

    Moreover, we will always add helpful tips for life’s daily routine because - as the latin author Seneca used to tell - we should always be satisfied with our life to really enjoy the trip! Each time, for every fantastic journey we will do together, we want to ensure you do so with the most beautiful and fantastic hair possible and so we will also suggest, to you, a new product from the Rossano Ferretti’s range and we will tell you how to use it and why. 

    For a start we recommend to try the Experince kits from Rossano Ferretti just like our welcome blog these are a great introduction to the Rossano Ferretti haircare range and each of the three different kits offers a unique introduction to a hair beauty regime aimed at each customers specific needs, whether it be more volume, more control over thick and unruly hair or to manage coloured hair. Why not take a look.

    So get ready to start taking notes and preparing your next holiday plan!

    Remember, never stop to wonder and take advantage of Beauty in your daily routine: travelling around the world is, first of all, a mental habit.

    Finally, let us invite you to savour the meditative Autumn atmosphere with a warm soundtrack by American jazz saxophonist Kamasi Washington.

     “Truth” is the title of his newest release, an enveloping 13-minute opus, a pensive melody swelling into a tidal wave of choral voices, thriving with gospel-infused power. 

    Click here to find it on Spotify

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  2. “Down with Sulfates” Let’s all be “Proudly Low Foam”

    “Down with Sulfates”  Let’s all be “Proudly Low Foam”

    Did you know that the really foamy lather produced by your shampoo is due to sulfates within the ingredients of the Shampoo and could actually be damaging your hair and scalp?

    Okay so what are Sulfates and why does this matter?

    Well firstly whilst sulfates help to clean hair they also strip hair of its natural oils and can make your hair dry. The more you lather the ends the more likely they are to become brittle and break.  On top of this sulfates can cause dandruff and damage your scalp, causing irritation and if you don’t rinse the shampoo properly the sulfates can build up and make your hair oily.

    You normally find sulfates in cleaning home cleaning products and the most prominent sulfates in many shampoos are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), the most popular and strongest, and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Other sulfates that may be used are Sodium Myreth Sulfate, TEA Laureth Sulfate, and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. 

    So many health experts recommend switching to a non-sulfate shampoo range. It may take a few washes to adapt to the feel of the lower lather but knowing you are really looking after your hair and not damaging it make up for a few less bubbles!  

    At Rossano Ferretti, we have created an amazing range of products, which were conceived and developed by the famous International hairdresser, Rossano Ferretti himself. 

    All of which are produced in Italy and combine the best natural ingredients, with the latest ‘bio-technology’ and are totally sulfate-free and “Proudly Low Foam”.  This means that you can expect less bubbles and a lighter lather but thanks to the amazing technology you can get a gentle approach to cleaning the hair, that ensures the hair is clean but without that harsh chemical “hair squeak.”

    It won’t take long until you can feel an amazing difference in the quality of your hair.

    So we say “Down with Lather and harsh Chemicals” and let’s all be “Proudly Low Foam”

    This is why many beauty experts and top retailers and magazines are now recommending the Rossano Ferretti Parma hair care range.

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  3. Avocado oil: a truly special ingredient of the world’s finest shampoos

    Avocado oil: a truly special ingredient of the world’s finest shampoos

    Many and rich are the associations enjoyed by the edible oil pressed from the fruit thought to have originated in South Central Mexico – the Persea Americana or Persea Grattissima, more popularly known as the avocado.

    As one of the few edible oils not to be derived from seeds, but instead pressed from the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit, avocado oil enjoys many untypical qualities that have won it considerable renown. 

    Especially notable is a high smoke point, in the oil’s unrefined but especially its refined form. Meanwhile, in the world of exclusive cuisine, the oil is widely recognised as an effective carrier oil for other flavours. Rich in monounsaturated fats, proteins, vitamins, potassium and other minerals, avocado oil is universally vaunted as a superfood. 

    Then, there are the applications of the oil for sustaining the very best hair health. One does not choose avocado oil simply for such elementary nutritional benefits as the softening of the skin, the lowering of blood pressure or the improved absorption of nutrients. 

    That’s because any one discerning individual may select avocado oil instead for principal use as a trusted solution for the prevention of hair loss and the promotion of sustained hair growth. 

    An oil serving as a foundation for healthier hair 

    However rich in vitamins and minerals one can imagine any hair product to be, as well as however impactful, it would appear that avocado oil really does have it all – and in some style. 

    Those seeking a hair care solution plentiful in the vitamins E and B, on account of the depth at which they penetrate into the epidermis to the service of stronger hair, are sure to be more than enchanted by the effectiveness of this marvellous oil. 

    Vitamin E has long been acclaimed for its impact in the repair of existing hair damage, while vitamin B aids ongoing hair growth. But as will seemingly ever be the case with avocado oil, there is more – there is always more. 

    We speak, of course, of the nourishment and strengthening of hair strands that typically results from their contact with the monounsaturated fats that are also integral to avocado oil. We refer, too, to the presence of vitamins D and H, deficiencies of which have been observed in many a sufferer of hair loss.  

    The fact is that avocado oil does and should matter to anyone looking to safeguard truly impeccable hair health – all the more reason why it has long been a subject of our intense and studied admiration here at Rossano Ferretti. 

    A hair care ingredient of luxury, beauty and fascination 

    The story of the origins of avocado and its attendant oil is no less captivating than its well-documented benefits for the demanding individuals wishing to bring its benefits to bear in maintaining the utmost health of their hair. 

    While much dispute reigns as to the site of the avocado fruit’s first emergence, connections have been commonly drawn to the Tehuacan Valley in the state of Puebla, Mexico. The word “avocado” derives from the Spanish aguacate, which has its own origins in the Nahuatl word āhuacatl. 

    The avocado tree grows to 20 metres or 66 feet and is intolerant of freezing temperatures, frost or strong wind, only growing in subtropical or tropical climates. An average of seven tonnes per hectare is produced each year, with as many as 20 tonnes per hectare achieved by some orchards. 

    Avocado trees can also be grown indoors, usually from the pit of an avocado fruit. Mexico is by far the most prolific of the world’s avocado-growing countries, with its production outstripping that of the second largest-producing country several-fold. However, California, Peru, Dominican Republic and Indonesia also offer conditions conducive to avocado growth. 

    It is when avocado production complies with the highest standards of sustainability and social responsibility that the fruit is especially suitable for the extraction of its truly remarkable oil for use in the finest of shampoos. 

    A product showcasing the finest qualities of this celebrated oil 

    Here at Rossano Ferretti, we are delighted to confirm our use of Persea Gratissima avocado oil in our highly luxurious, intense and proudly foam-free Intenso shampoo that has attracted particular acclaim for its professional performance in the disciplining of unruly, frizzy and tangled hair. 

    When you are seeking to draw upon the maximum power of avocado oil in the restructuring and moisturisation of the hair and scalp, right down to the revival of damaged hair and the enhanced softness and silkiness with which even the healthiest-looking existing hair can be imbued, there is simply no better choice for you to make than our Intenso softening and smoothing shampoo.

    Hesitant about discovering the wonders of Intenso for yourself? Receive our free sample when you order any of our other products today in the Rossano Ferretti online store.

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  4. Summer is magic! But the hair...

    Summer is magic! But the hair...

    Summer is magic, especially if you spend it at the seaside, sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the pool. But exposure to sun, wind, chlorine and salt can leave its mark on your hair. Also, have you ever considered that often we use cheaper shampoos and basic hairdryers when we are on holiday, maybe the ones that are available in the hotel? That’s why, by the end of summer, you have super thirsty locks.

    When your hair is this damaged, it’s pointless to restart the daily routine with a normal shampoo and conditioner: first of all, you need to repair your hair.

    So here are some key tips to nurture your hair at home:

    First of all, you need a specific product capable of regenerating your hair, such as ‘Prodigio’, the deeply reconstructing professional hair treatment by Rossano Ferretti, a rich cream able to repair the worst of the  summer damage. You will be astonished by the smoothness, when you will glide your fingers through your hair! Also your hair’s shine, which is likely to have been dulled by all the sun and fun, will re-awaken its original vividness. 

    You will also enjoy the extraordinary texture of this treatment, made from precious and rare natural ingredients such as Amaranthus seed Oil, Oryza Sativa Rice Starch, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and other exotic natural components, which are some of the "greenest" conditioning agents in the world. And be prepared for one of the most irresistible fragrances you’ve ever experienced!

    Prodigio treatment is a pre-wash, meaning you apply before you shampoo your hair. simple to use with just the help of your hands to distribute it through damp hair. Just leave it in for 5-10 minutes before proceeding with shampoo and… be prepared for the most gorgeous after-summer look ever!

    Second, investing in an high quality hairdryer is a good way to achieve your goals for your beauty routine: it helps to prevent split ends and to reduce frizzy and dull hair. You deserve a great head of hair!

    Third, if you like a natural hairstyle, here’s a piece of advice for an ultimate hair preservation. Avoid blowdrying and let your hair dry naturally, wrapped into a soft ultra-absorbent bamboo-fiber turban.

    Last advice and sorry, no surprise: you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. This is the secret to everything, we know it, but we still forget. So, take a look in your fridge and be sure it’s full of fresh water, seasonal and ideally organic vegetables and fruits!

    There we are: by following these simple tips you will allow your hair to shine and be nourished and soft again. 

    , you know…hair is essential, but so are dreams inside our head! 

    When summer comes to end, we can’t help dreaming of the next trip, enjoying the bittersweet melancholy of the scents slipping away into the summer breeze. 

    A tip to travel without moving? It’s Philippe Claudel’s Perfumes: a catalogue of remembered smells, an original olfactory memoir made by a collection of moments from the life of the French author. Through the fading aromas of the past, you will be surrounded by fragments of humour, insight and intangible beauty.

    Because – as Baudelaire used to say - fragrances can be vessels to take us to undiscovered imaginary places.

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  5. Where the celebrities get their haircut in Monte Carlo!

    Where the celebrities get their haircut in Monte Carlo!

    Monaco is the place of dreams, the home of models, celebrities, movie stars and business moguls and why not, after all who wouldn’t want to live on the French Riviera, with the beautiful azure sea on one side and snow capped mountains on the other? 

    The luxury and beauty of Monte Carlo is optimised by such famous residents as Princess Grace (Kelly) and arguably the most famous and luxurious sporting event in the world, the Monaco Grand prix.

    So whether you are James Bond, a formula One driver or just super rich & famous where would you go to have your haircut in 
    Monte Carlo? 

    Rossano Ferretti, the world famous hairdresser has just opened his latest exclusive and luxurious salon in the Hotel de Paris in Monaco. A perfect union, the world’s most famous and celebrated hairdresser in partnership with what is probably the most famous and celebrated hotel in the world.

    The Monaco establishment will add to the celebrity stylist’s global map of 20 hairspas located in some of the world’s most exclusive locations from London, New York, Milan, Paris to Beijing, Beverley Hills, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Selecting the prestigious landmark of Monaco’s Hotel de Paris, the new hairspa will offer Ferretti’s quintessential salon experience to the principality’s glitterati and international jet-set. An exclusive team of Ferretti stylists, trained in ‘Il Metodo’, has been hand selected and curated to launch the prestigious new destination, ready to perform the brand’s renowned hair wizardry not only in-salon but also via the new We Fly to You” service: whether you are on a private yacht, at a wedding, in your hotel room or require a red carpet service, our stylists will come to you.

    Featuring elegant pure white and sleek lacquered black sharp finishings, the unique design of the hairspa reveals ideal harmony between modernity while blending the admirable sea view and the bright greenness of the Hotel de Paris garden.

    So if you want the chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous then why not book an appointment with the Rossano Ferretti HairSpa in Monte Carlo. Whilst you are there you will get a chance to see and experience the amazing Rossano Ferretti haircare line. Designed by Rossano personally using his 30 years of industry revolutionising experience, from the finest natural ingredients and botanics. The range is cruelty-free, packed with natural ingredients and designed to nourish, protect and bring out the hairs beauty, naturally. Designed for all hair types and needs an all created and produced in Italy, with love!

    After a trip to the Rossano Ferretti salon you can complete your Monaco look by visting one of the many exclusive designer fashion stores that are seemingly on every street, in this tiny coastal paradise and then finish the experience by booking a meal at the iconic grill on the 8th floor of the Hotel de Paris and while away your time in luxury, watching the sunset over the marina and ocean.

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  6. Free Samples at Checkout - Splendido, Intenso

    Free Samples at Checkout - Splendido, Intenso

    *Offer valid for a limited time only at, while supplies last. Quantities are limited. One offer per order except where noted. Offer not applicable to the purchase of egift cards; items noted as not eligible; items that are not in stock at the time of purchase; pending purchases or purchases made prior to the start of the offer or after the offer ends. All purchases are subject to bank authorization prior to processing. Only authorized purchases will be processed and shipped. We reserve the right to cancel any order due to unauthorized, altered, or ineligible use of offer and to modify or cancel this promotion due to system error or unforeseen problems. We reserve the right to substitute any free item offered with an item of equal or greater value. Offer is subject to change without notice. Other restrictions apply.

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