1. Better for your health.
Rossano Ferretti products have up to 99% naturally derived ingredients which mean no nasty chemicals like Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates, mineral oils or other nasties!

2. Better results for your hair.  
Typical hair care products contain chemical ingredients which can make your hair look good for a short time but the results soon fade and over time the hair looks worse. Rossano Ferretti products are packed with natural ingredients which make you hair look great after use but also keeps hair looking amazing.

3. Avoid potential irritations and allergies.  
Chemicals like sulphates can upset the balance of the scalp and hair and help to cause dandruff and irritation. Rossano Ferretti products natural ingredients are designed to balance the oils in the scalp and hair to reduce irritation and hair problems

4. Better for your purse.
Products with natural ingredients may cost a bit more compared to equivalent products with chemicals but they allow you to wash your hair less and the formulas are normally naturally richer and more intense allowing you to use less product.  

5. More time.  
With more natural ingredients your hair will look and feel clean and healthier for longer and you will have to spend a lot less time on looking after your hair. Perfect for people with busy lives!

6.Naturally Beautiful Hair.
The naturally derived ingredients in Rossano Ferretti products help hair to look and feel softer, stronger, shinier, and much much healthier.

7. Repair and Protect.
The natural ingredients in Rossano Ferretti products don’t only make the hair look great but also help to repair the hair and protect from damage.

8. Nourish and Stimulate.
Chemical additives can deplete hair and unbalance the scalp whereas the natural ingredients in Rossano Ferretti products not only nourish the hair with essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants but also stimulate the hair and scalp and can help promote hair growth.

9. Cruelty Free.
Rossano Ferretti don’t test any products or any ingredients on animals meaning you can care for your hair whilst caring for our furry friends.

10. Better for the Planet.
With less chemicals, recycling and less use of water due to being able to wash hair less the Rossano Ferretti products can really help towards a cleaner environment

If you want to keep learning about the ingredients we use on our products, check this out.