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Luxury hair repair products

Depleted, Over-processed, bleach, colour or heat damaged. No matter the concern, we have products to help

Professional hair repair from Italy

From time to time we all experience hair in poor condition, this can be caused by over processing the hair with too many treatments, colour applications, heat styling or just the elements like sun, sea, wind and rain. Whatever the reason our Luxury hair repair products use amazing naturally derived ingredients like Shea butter, Ginseng, Green Tea, Avocado & Coconut. These ingredients have all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to help repair damaged and depleted hair and then use Vegan and vegetable proteins, essential fatty acids, fruit and nut oils to replenish lost moisture and rebalance the hair and scalp and then finally stimulants like caffeine help improve circulation and promote healthy hair growth. All our natural hair repair products are 100% conceived, formulated and produced in Italy by our team of dedicated artisans and based on decades of experience of our top hairdressing teams in our luxury salons across the globe
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