Mandarin oranges, believed to have first grown in Chinese forests, have various well-documented health merits for people who choose to consume this fruit. Benefits can also be derived by people who treat their hair with shampoo containing peel extracted from these succulent oranges.

There has been plentiful research on how the consumption of mandarins can improve health. The fruit is high in vitamin A – and as a result, can reduce the likelihood of liver cancer. In one study, hepatitis C patients drinking mandarin juice did not develop liver cancer due to their significant intake of beta-cryptoxanthin. Mandarin can also help to prevent breast cancer.

Cancer and infectious diseases can be particularly caused by free radicals in the body; however, these unstable molecules can be effectively fought thanks in part to vitamin C. It bears emphasis that there is a large concentration of this, too, in mandarins.

Blood pressure can also be eased with mandarins, which include useful nutrients and minerals - such as potassium - for this purpose. By helping to maintain the smoothness of blood flow through the arteries, mandarins can do much to stop blood pressure reaching dangerously high levels.

To mandarins' benefits of lowering both blood pressure and the likelihood of particular diseases, we can add yet another: beautiful-looking hair. This has led us to place mandarin orange peel extract in Splendido Colour Maintenance Shampoo and conditioner, a flagship of our extensive product range.

An aesthetically stunning makeover - and not just for your hair

Mandarin orange peel extract - scientifically known as Citrus nobilis - is a key ingredient in the Splendido Range that carries our prestigious name. As you meticulously apply this shampoo to your scalp, you can eagerly anticipate a reinvigorating effect.

This is because, should your hair be brittle and lifeless, the extract is capable of penetrating it for a noticeably revitalised look. Your hair's condition and colour can both be preserved due to the mandarin orange peel extract's antioxidant properties, which assist in fighting pollution.

Once you have rinsed the shampoo and conditioner from your hair, you could easily be pleasantly surprised by how shiny and bouncy your hair now looks. Mandarin juice should not be added raw to hair; our extract has a powerful effect when applied as part of Splendido Colour Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner formulas.

A glimpse of mandarin production's fascinating history

Although mandarins can be easily mistaken for common oranges, the former differs in being oblate and smaller instead of spherical. Mandarins also have a sweeter and stronger taste, with common oranges – actually hybrid mandarins – having been deemed comparatively sour.

The evergreen shrub on which mandarins are grown is originally from Asia. Today, that plant – part of the Rutaceae family – is cultivated for mandarin production in various countries around the world, particularly notably Brazil, Spain and the People's Republic of China.

China continues to grow oranges – including mandarins, tangerines, clementines, and satsumas – in quantities several times greater than the world's next biggest producer. It has even been suggested that the name "mandarin" was inspired by the yellow hue of certain robes worn by bureaucratic scholars of imperial China, themselves was known as mandarins.

Other territories that have sustained buoyant production of mandarins to this day include Italy, Cyprus, Algeria, Greece, Florida, Texas and California. Most harvesting of mandarins takes place in winter, although the canned fruit is available all year round.

How to use this luxurious extract the Rossano Ferretti way

The sweetness and juiciness of mandarin oranges have long been embraced and has led to the enthusiastic adoption of the fruit for salads. The flavour has also enriched sweets, ice cream and bubble gum, but the benefits of its inclusion in shampoo are particularly captivating.

In adding this ingredient to our Splendido Colour Maintenance Shampoo, we have preserved our usual high standards for sustainability and social responsibility. All the while, we have ensured that the day-to-day experience of using the shampoo remains immaculate.

free sample of Splendido is available when you place an order for any product from the Rossano Ferretti online store. This represents a great opportunity for you to see the vibrancy and colour with which Splendido, professionally formulated with natural oils, can imbue your hair.