Summer is magic, especially if you spend it at the seaside, sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the pool. But exposure to sun, wind, chlorine and salt can leave its mark on your hair. Also, have you ever considered that often we use cheaper shampoos and basic hairdryers when we are on holiday, maybe the ones that are available in the hotel? That’s why, by the end of summer, you have super thirsty locks.

When your hair is this damaged, it’s pointless to restart the daily routine with a normal shampoo and conditioner: first of all, you need to repair your hair.

So here are some key tips to nurture your hair at home:

First of all, you need a specific product capable of regenerating your hair, such as ‘Prodigio’, the deeply reconstructing professional hair treatment by Rossano Ferretti, a rich cream able to repair the worst of the  summer damage. You will be astonished by the smoothness, when you will glide your fingers through your hair! Also your hair’s shine, which is likely to have been dulled by all the sun and fun, will re-awaken its original vividness. 

You will also enjoy the extraordinary texture of this treatment, made from precious and rare natural ingredients such as Amaranthus seed Oil, Oryza Sativa Rice Starch, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil and other exotic natural components, which are some of the "greenest" conditioning agents in the world. And be prepared for one of the most irresistible fragrances you’ve ever experienced!

Prodigio treatment is a pre-wash, meaning you apply before you shampoo your hair. simple to use with just the help of your hands to distribute it through damp hair. Just leave it in for 5-10 minutes before proceeding with shampoo and… be prepared for the most gorgeous after-summer look ever!

Second, investing in an high quality hairdryer is a good way to achieve your goals for your beauty routine: it helps to prevent split ends and to reduce frizzy and dull hair. You deserve a great head of hair!

Third, if you like a natural hairstyle, here’s a piece of advice for an ultimate hair preservation. Avoid blowdrying and let your hair dry naturally, wrapped into a soft ultra-absorbent bamboo-fiber turban.

Last advice and sorry, no surprise: you should eat a healthy and balanced diet. This is the secret to everything, we know it, but we still forget. So, take a look in your fridge and be sure it’s full of fresh water, seasonal and ideally organic vegetables and fruits!

There we are: by following these simple tips you will allow your hair to shine and be nourished and soft again. 

, you know…hair is essential, but so are dreams inside our head! 

When summer comes to end, we can’t help dreaming of the next trip, enjoying the bittersweet melancholy of the scents slipping away into the summer breeze. 

A tip to travel without moving? It’s Philippe Claudel’s Perfumes: a catalogue of remembered smells, an original olfactory memoir made by a collection of moments from the life of the French author. Through the fading aromas of the past, you will be surrounded by fragments of humour, insight and intangible beauty.

Because – as Baudelaire used to say - fragrances can be vessels to take us to undiscovered imaginary places.