1. Less Shampooing is better for your hair.
With the Rossano Ferretti Dry Shampoo creme you can keep your hair looking and feeling cleaner between washes which allows the natural oils in your hair time to renew after washing.

2. Less Wasted Time.
Life is so busy and there is so much to do to spend hours washing your hair.  With the Rossano Ferretti Dry Shampoo crème you can clean and refresh your hair in just a few seconds!

3. Better for the environment. 
Not washing your hair every day helps to save water, which is more and more becoming a precious resource. 

4. Great for hair health.
Unlike traditional dry shampoos which often contain gas, talc and alcohol, the Rossano Ferretti Dry Shampoo crème contain 90% naturally derived ingredients and help remove oil and dirt from the hair to help hair look and feel healthy

5. No Dull Hair.
Traditional Dry Shampoos use a powder which makes hair look dull.  Rossano Ferretti’s Dry Shampoo crème not only make hair look and feel clean, fresh and healthy but actually adds a shine to the hair!

6. Ideal for all hair types.
No matter what your hair is like you can use the Dry Shampoo Crème to clean, eliminate oil and refresh your style

7. Instant Volume Boost.
The Rossano Ferretti Dry Shampoo Crème gives an instant lift and adds body to your hair.

8. No flakes, Build up or itchy head. 
Unlike traditional Dry Shampoos Rossano Ferretti’s will not leave flakes or cause any risk of blocking the scalp and so helps reduce the risk of irritation.

9. Use anytime, anywhere.
This anytime use product is a perfect travel size and can fit in your bag or pocket and ideal, for the gym, work bag or going out.

10. Perfect Style Renew.
The Rossano Ferretti dry Shampoo will quickly renew your style and add a volume boost to make tired hair look fresh again.