How to care for your hair this Autumn

Autumn is the season of romanticism, of melancholy, of the wait for something else… And the season of dull and frizzy hair! Sound familiar?

Well, we can only love this seasonal mood, which has been the muse of so many poets, but we actually have something to say about the hair.

The reason for frizzy hair in this season is mainly due to the sudden change of weather conditions: humidity is the big enemy in these days, as it causes that awful fluttering of hair here and there. Moreover, your hair (probably a little dry after the summer, see our previous blog post) becomes even more dehydrated because of the first wintry temperatures. Not to mention pollution, which makes the hair dirty.

So, our solution for the right autumn special care? An anti-frizz serum that makes the hair exceptionally smooth and silky, controls the electro-static effect and protects from pollution!

This is the case of Velluto, a truly special product among the Rossano Ferretti range.

Velluto, in italian, means velvet, because, thanks to this serum, your hair becomes soft and silky like velvet (without being greasy, of course), even if the weather is cold and windy.

is really easy to use, because you can apply it after shampoo, before blow-drying. A small amount of product on damp hair is enough, then distribute it evenly strand by strand on the lengths.

When dried, your hair is going to shine again and be disciplined. Forget about electrostatic hair!

The secret of this powerful serum is in the ingredients: packed with valuable natural botanicals. For instance, have you ever considered the Crambe Abyssinica seed Oil?

With a highly biodegradable profile, this oil has been used as a natural substitute for synthetic mineral oils. It offers shine and strength to hair.

Velluto’s formula also contains Hydrolyzed Sweet Almond Protein, a vegetable functional protein, especially suitable for treated or dried hair. This plant-based agent strengthens and conditions hair, helping to maintain the moisture balance in the hair, by augmenting the natural free amino acids.

Again, due to its content of essential and natural fatty acids, Avocado Oil deeply restructures the hair and moisturizes the scalp, while Sesame Oil strengthens the hair from the root and gives a deep nourishment. That’s why we recommend Velluto especially for damaged hair!

In the end, with Velluto in your beauty-case, you will change the way you look at this season and maybe you will add to your time some small pleasures, just like the one evoked in this haiku by Matsuo Basho (1644-1694):

In the autumn night,

Breaking into

A pleasant chat.

With a chic look, it is so much easier to be poetic. To get inspired and relaxed, we suggest you to choose a collection of Haiku, the typical form for japanese poetry. Share your favourite with us!