After a long winter, and with Spring just around the corner, we find ourselves at the beginning of February. The month when many people will express their love for one another with gifts, gestures and the odd proposal. Of course this means that Valentine’s Day is upon us. This Valentine’s Day why not show your hair a bit of love too?

We all know that the winter months and cold snap can leave you feeling frustrated with your hair, which is why we want to help reignite the life within it. The Rossano Ferretti Parma range offers a solution to any of your hair care problems.

Install the youth back into your hair.

Don’t let the winter get the better of your hair. It may be feeling lifeless and deflated but it doesn’t have to be like this. Our Vita anti-ageing range aims to stimulate hair growth and regeneration. Made from formulas containing natural extracts it helps to add volume and strength to your hair as well as reinstalling the youthful glow in your self-confidence. You’ll find ingredients such as Camelia, Ginseng and Guaranà in the rejuvenating shampoo which have been proven to help create more youthful looking hair.

The Vita hair mask works alongside the shampoo in rejuvenating lifeless hair. By using seeds from the Churi tree and coconut oil the mask replenishes lost moisture within the hair. You’ll be be transported back to the last time you had strong, volumized hair. Finish off your rejuvenation with the Vita serum which will help to enhance your hair’s natural beauty and colour. Start your journey towards more youthful hair today.

Enjoy the ultimate volumizing experience.

Flat, lifeless hair can leave you feeling introverted. Express yourself, and your hair, by adding volume to your appearance. It’s so easy to let fine and fragile hair fall flat, so why not reignite the life in your hair with the Rossano Ferretti Grandioso range?

Combine our Grandioso shampoo and conditioner to showcase your entire natural beauty. These paraben free essentials leave your hair feeling light yet full of life, whilst offering a smooth and volumized finish. You’ll also notice the added bounce within your hair, helping to keep it invigorated for the entire day. The combination of macadamia and avocado oils also helps to restore health within your hair.

To protect against further damage to your hair also apply the grandioso volumizing spray. Rich in creatine and hydrolyzed proteins, it protects against aggressive blow drying and styling. Don’t let your hair care routine fall flat, volumize it with the grandioso range.

Vibrant and colourful in time for summer.

With less sunlight and harsher conditions, you can lose some of the vibrancy from your hair. Colour treated hair can fade and the overall appearance of your hair can become dull and lifeless. Instill the lost vibrancy back into your hair with our sulphate-free splendido range.

Show your hair just how much you care this Valentine’s Day by enhancing the shine, the smoothness and the volume. By using a unique blend of mandarin peel and linseed extracts the splendido shampoo and conditioner provide your hair with antioxidants that help keep it vibrant and alive.

As the days get warmer and summer draws nearer, use the dolce spray to protect your hair from tangling, frizz and UV exposure. Maximise your hair’s colour this spring and let your hair be as vibrant as your heart.

Make the most of this Valentine’s Day.

The Rossano Ferretti Parma range is made in Italy, with love, for you. We want you to have a fantastic Valentine’s Day regardless of whether you have a partner or not. Treat yourself or a loved one to an experience kit if you’d like to see how our products can reinvigorate and inspire your hair care regime. Love yourself, love your hair…