The prospect of going bald is a common fear amongst men and there are no shortage of advertisements of products and treatments from magic brushes to surgery, promising to save you from what sometimes seems the inevitable but what are the facts? We would all love hair as thick and full as David Beckham but how can we mere mortals best care for our hair and boost thickness and volume?

Firstly what causes balding? pattern baldness is known medically as androgenic alopecia and unfortunately the majority of it is genetic but that doesn’t always mean if your father is bald you will be too, the genetics can also come from your mother’s side and can skip generations too.

A natural part of growing older is slowed hair growth, however a chemical produced by your body called DHT plays a big part in hair loss and is the reason why hair loss affects far more men than women. We do not produce more DHT as we get older but our body becomes more sensitive to it over time, the strange part is that although DHT is the enemy of hair on your head it actually improves the growth of hair elsewhere, which is my men who go bald still produce eye brow and beard hair.

Each strand of hair sits in a follicle on your head and over time these follicles shrink leaving shorter finer hair, some follicles shrink so much that the hair can no longer reproduce and the hair loss cycle begins. Another cause of hair loss though not as visible as pattern baldness is stress, this is because when we are stressed we produce adrenaline which in men raises their levels of testosterone which as a result makes them produce more DHT.

There is no permanent cure to hair loss even expensive surgery can only add years to your hair lifeline however there are ingredients that can slow the process down and the earlier these are used the more effective they are. We also lose minerals, vitamins and proteins when stressed, we look after ourselves less and often turn to a bad diet all of which contribute to the loss of hair.

Another contribution to hair loss is all around us and in most shampoos we use daily. Sulphate is a chemical used in shampoos to give them that thick foamy effect we see so many times in hair care adverts however the same chemical is used is in commercial cleaners and degreasers. Experiments have shown that the harsh chemicals in sulphate can contribute to hair loss due to damage of the follicles. This is why a lot of hair loss shampoos advertised for their DHT blocking ingredients can be counterproductive due to the amount of artificial harmful ingredients, such as Sulphates, that overtime will do the hair more damage than good.

So you can’t stop the inevitable but you can look after your hair as you would your skin when it comes to anti-ageing. Feeding it using gentle, supportive ingredients that it needs to grow healthier for longer. Rossano Ferretti has combined an anti ageing haircare range that is sulphate free and packed with natural ingredients providing vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that help to stimulate hair growth, help reduce hair loss and strengthen the hair.


Help to counteract the enzyme responsible for hair loss by promoting the oxygenation of the hair bulb, helping to stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair from the root.


Ginseng possesses strong anti-aging properties. It is used to regenerate a youthful appearance because it stimulates the renewal of the epidermis and restores the physiological balance of the scalp skin.


Leaves of Vitis vinifera are powerful antioxidant. This extract can help stimulate healthy hair growth and the hair appears more strength.


Used in our Vita serum to plump the hair and leave the hair strands feeling and looking thicker.