If one wishes to gain a truly in-depth appreciation of the role that panax ginseng root extract plays as one of the key ingredients of our rich, luxurious and desirable Vita shampoo, a fine place to start may be with an analysis of the naming origins of this remarkable plant species.

There are many terms by which panax ginseng has long been known, not least ‘true ginseng’, on account of its status as the most researched ‘ginseng’ to actually belong to the ginseng plant family. Meanwhile, the genus name ‘panax’ derives from the Greek word meaning ‘panacea’, the Greek goddess of all-healing, and the term ‘ginseng’ itself is thought to mean ‘wonder of the world’.

In more straight forward terms, panax ginseng is a plant grown in East Asia, or more specifically, the mountainous regions of the Russian Far East, Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula. The roots of this slow-growing perennial – their resemblance to the human form having once drawn frequent comparisons with an ancient deity – are harvested once the plant reaches five or six years old.

An ingredient that evokes wonder

When one considers the rich history of panax ginseng root extract and its continued use in some of the most prestigious and beneficial ways today, one can easily see why it takes pride of place as a key ingredient of a Rossano Ferretti shampoo that truly rejuvenates and enlivens the hair.

Panax ginseng – also known as Asian ginseng – has, after all, seen use for herbal purposes for more than 5,000 years, helping to explain the remarkable esteem in which it is held in the Orient. It is revered as an almost miraculous remedy for such ailments and complaints as depression, inflammation, diabetes, nausea, fatigue and ageing.

Indeed, the principles of Chinese medicine enshrine the root’s worth in strengthening the kidney ‘Qi’ (fortifying and prolonging life), cooling fire (fever), producing gold (supporting the lungs), multiplying the earth (strengthening the spleen and stomach) and increasing knowledge. It’s no surprise, then, that this is an ingredient that has also come to be held in no shortage of wonder across the West.

How is panax ginseng root cultivated?

Thankfully, much of what enables panax ginseng to thrive in cultivation, thereby giving it the properties to imbue the user of our Vita shampoo with a more youthful appearance, are no longer a great mystery to its discerning growers and hair care professionals alike.

Wild panax ginseng is native to eastern Asia’s shady mountain forests, encompassing an area from Nepal to Manchuria. Cultivation itself requires considerable care, beginning with the sowing of the seeds on dry clay soil. It is after the passage of a year that the strongest roots are then planted out in plantations where ginseng has not been grown for a period of 10 to 15 years or longer, to ensure that the roots do not rot.

As the plants grow, there is a need to continually protect them from sun and pests, in addition to diversely fertilising them. This upright plant grows to a height of between 30cm and 80cm and is characterised by its bare, rounded stem. It also flowers from June to July. Harvesting of the roots takes place in the autumn, between the fourth and seventh year of growth.

A species deserving of its magical reputation

Few ingredients of even the most luxurious and celebrated hair care products may warrant being spoken of in the hushed tones befitting something almost magical rather than scientific. However, panax ginseng root extract may be just such an ingredient.

The actual roots of this intriguing plant are yellow, spindle-shaped and divided to form hands, although two types of ginseng root exist: white or red, depending on the process by which they are prepared for the market.

The benefits of panax ginseng root extract for a wide range of purposes can hardly be doubted; however, they are particularly apparent in a hair product that profits from all of the expertise, care and diligence lovingly and consistently invested by Rossano Ferretti.

Choose our naturally and professionally formulated anti-ageing Vita shampoo, and it will not merely be the camellia and guarana extracts that stand to revive and restore your hair; it will also be the panax ginseng root extract that consists of an assortment of proven active ingredients.

The glycosides, saponins, B-complex vitamins, iron, magnesium and lipids sourced from our panax ginseng root extract can be instrumental in giving you the hair to which you have always aspired and that you have always deserved – even if you have never before set foot in a Rossano Ferretti salon.