Recently we met Silvia Lanari, as Octobers 'Rossano Ferretti Celebrity Hair Stylist'. Did we tell you that she is from Parma? Well, today we want to talk about the Italian city where the story of Rossano Ferretti and his brand begins.

Perhaps this name sounds new to you, but just think of Parmesan cheese or Parma ham…that’s where these world-famous jewels of Italian culinary tradition come from! (And the reason of their name is, of course, that they are both made in Parma).

In the centre of Northern Italy or rather in the middle of everything, actually: one hour east from Bologna and west from the gorgeous Liguria Riviera, one hour south from Milano and the Garda Lake.

Culture, arts and research play an important role for people from Parma, who are constantly looking for new experiences, new ideas, great restaurants, good exhibitions to see and nice places to visit. This positive attitude can really inspire and bring energy, so many important companies started their activities in Parma - such as Barilla, Chiesi, Bormioli - and Rossano Ferretti too: the first salon ever was born here!

"Our first salon ever, where all our world maestro team have been for a long period to learn and understand the method and how we target and benchmark all we do. Parma means to us an industry milestone with Alberto, the manager, which is an icon-example, in the company and in the family. This salon has been the first apartment-home salon that really changed the way we create the best client experience and emotion."

To accompany these words by Rossano, you should know that the salon is located on the first floor of a historical palazzo on Strada Repubblica, the city’s decumanus maximus of Roman origin. Visiting the salon itself is an experience: a majestic yet enveloping ambience, where your will find the whole Rossano Ferretti product range.

This city has always been a source of inspiration for the Rossano Ferretti group. Here is where Giambattista Bodoni, also known as the "prince of typographers" and "printer of kings", lived and worked, running Duke Ferdinand’s Stamperia Reale at the end of the XVIIIth century. Here he printed, for example, an edition de luxe of the Lord’s Prayer in 155 languages for the Pope and became a leader in originating neoclassical typefaces.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's packaging and graphic design is a tribute to Bodoni's highly styled prints, whose refined aesthetics stems from the use of exquisitely rounded serif type faces and from the contrast between the purity of white and the mistery of black.

Back to Parma city itself, here people share their life gently, feel safe and comfortable; public spaces are pleasant and walking down the streets, you may happen to listen to some Verdi opera music spreading out from the legendary Teatro Regio!

We asked Rossano what he most likes to do in Parma: “Walk, bike and eat…Food is the best and people come from all over the world to taste it.”

We were curious to know more about the food he loves most in Parma and he told us “Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma ham, culatello, spalla cotta with torta fritta, ravioli, gnocchi…real gelato… and many more!”

You probably know about Parmesan cheese and Parma Ham, but let’s spend a few words about the others delicacies. Spalla cotta and Culatello are a special kind of cold cuts from different parts of the pork, usually eaten with a typical bread named “torta fritta”, where “fritta” means “fried”. Gnocchi and ravioli are different kinds of homemade pasta, freshly prepared and cooked with sauces. They are delicious, and Rossano Ferretti’s favourite restaurant in Parma is exactly the one where ravioli have achieved many awards as the best in the whole peninsula:

"My favourite restaurant is Ai Due Platani: they have the best ravioli you can find in Italy. Also, try Il Cerchio in Collechio, only 15 minutes from Parma, for a mix between tradition and innovation. The most amazing wine cellar can be found in the fascinating Appenines just outside Parma, at La Mariella in Fragno to be precise. Don't miss the Osteria di Fornio, for the best Zuppa Inglese, second only to my mother!"

This is a promise, and it seems that the Chef Gualtiero Marchesi said the same.

Not only the food, of course: you are also supposed to see some special buildings among the ancient architectures of Parma. Rossano especially suggested us to "visit the Farnese Theater and the Regio Theater. The Farnese theater is a unicum in art, because is totally made of wood, and the Regio Theater is the best place for Opera."

These are only two of the main monuments of the city, and you will be surprised also visiting the Baptistery, the Cathedral, the Governor’s palace and the museums. But if you are not so fond of the culture activities, you can take advantage of the beautiful shops, with elegant and high quality products made in italy.

What about Rossano’s favourite shopping place?:

"My favourite place to shop is ”O”, one of the best italian boutiques, a reference for fashions lovers!”

Both culture lovers and shoppingholics can have a special break in one of the panoramic bars of Piazza Garibaldi or in the traditional Provinciali Bar in Via Cavour or in the fancy Tcafé, just beside the Baptistery: ask for a ristretto and enjoy it with some delicious pastry sweets.

Finally, a last question for Rossano: anything else you love about the city?:

"The peace, the calm, the cathedral...Everything is so clean, cool and friendly."

Doesn't it sound amazing?

To sum up, you can feel a very friendly mood all around in Parma, where businessmen and artists usually sit side by side at the same restaurants.

If you would like to know more about Rossano Ferretti and his amazing haircare range, which has been inspired by his Italian heritage and offers a unique and special way to make the most of your hairs natural beauty then why not take a look at the range online.

If you decide to go to visit this beautiful city, here are Rossano’s favourite places to stay:

"Palazzo Della Rosa Prati, in the city centre. For a less expensive option, try the cute Pio B&B And finally the Villino di Porporano, an authentic Parma country house with a great homemade breakfast, great beds and nice details".

You have no more excuses! Put yourself in the right mood, start planning your visit and do a save some room for all of the great food!