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A story of beauty

“I have always loved and utterly respected it. I have been influential in significant changes within the hair industry, and I will continue to do so, supported by my team every day.”

My story

I was born in Campegine, a village of 500 inhabitants in the province of Reggio Emilia, in 1960. My grandfather Renato, a barber, did house calls on his Lambretta and worked in the village square, while my mother Giliola, a hairdresser, opened a 2-chair salon in the same village in 1962. As a child who loved beauty and the harmony of proportions, my family urged me to follow in the footsteps of tradition, so at the age of 14, I found myself at a hairdressing school. After one year of beauty school, I wanted to look for a new challenge, so I went to London, where I discovered hair design. I travelled all over the world to discover and create my own style. I had the desire to offer an exclusive, luxury haute-couture style service for celebrities, influencers, and socialites worldwide.



Grandfather Renato

cutting a boy’s hair in the village square of Campegine (near Reggio Emilia, Italy).



My mother Gigliola

cutting a lady’s hair in the salon adjoining her house in Campegine (near Reggio Emilia, Italy).

Beauty be not caused. It is. Chase it, and it ceases. Chase it not, and it abides. Overtake the creases in the meadow, when the wind Runs its fingers through it.

Emily Dickinson, 1850
Our roots lie in Parma

An enchanting city with Roman, mediaeval and neoclassical reminders. It was from here that we drew our first inspiration, mixed later on with the world at large.


I opened my first salon in Parma, followed by Verona, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Belgrade, Miami, Mumbai, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi, Maldives, London and Beijing. A Rossano Ferretti salon is a unique sensory experience, where every detail is centred around wellbeing. My style is the result of geographic exploration and various expressive forms of art, literature and music. Today, we are a leading world ambassador for the beauty industry. Just as the best hotels and restaurants around the world are recognized as destinations, I too strive to have my global salons located in many of the world’s most beautiful regions and cities and to be recognized as destinations.

Il nostro modo di
essere Italiani

People born in Italy enjoy a remarkable privilege: they can nurture their soul on beauty, merely by admiring what nature and humans have sown across this curious peninsula. The more we travel the world and open up to it, the more we realize the value of our own heritage: an education in beauty received quite unprompted, day in day out.


The key to our success lies in the creation of my own method, back in 1994. My natural instinct for beauty led to a revolution in the way of understanding hair styles: a haircut with natural fall that became the Invisible Haircut. In 2008, I found an ideal partner in L’Oreal Professionnel to further excellence in service, which is a prerequisite of the “Method” and I became the “International Spokesperson” for L’Oreal Professionnel Luxury Brands. In 2012, I developed a format for a worldwide tour beginning in Shanghai, featuring a tailor-made seminar to inspire my top fellow hairdressers around the world. I am now developing a new concept of Luxury Franchising and Partnerships with top Hotels, to selectively expand my vision of Luxury Experience Salons.


a story of beauty