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How to Add Impressive Volume to Fine Hair!

We care about your hair just as much as you do and that’s why, in this article, we sought advice from our famous hair maestro, Rossano Ferretti, himself. This advice will help you to “pump up the volume” as they say, without resorting to harsh chemicals that will do more damage than good!

But first – Rossano acknowledges the beauty of fine hair!

He says, “Fine hair is beautiful too! It’s easy to maintain and style and is one of the few hair types where you can leave it to air dry and do little else to it. So don’t feel like you have to completely overhaul your natural hair beauty to have some volume. You can have natural-looking volume AND embrace your unique hair beauty!”

But! If you’re tired of limp, flat or lacklustre tresses, then there are ways to add natural-looking volume to amplify your hair’s characteristics.

Here’s how to add volume to fine hair, according to world-leading hair expert, Mr Ferretti:

Prepare Fine Hair with a Grandioso Shampoo and Conditioner RoutineImage of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Grandioso volumising shampoo

The RF brand realised early on that there was a need for a nourishing sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner that would add volume to locks whilst cleansing them. Enter the incredibile Grandioso collection!

Now you can add volume to your limp hair right from the get-go. The Grandioso Extra Volume Shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair without stripping it of its natural, nourishing oils. It also removes all product build-up, which can often be the cause of limp, lifeless strands.

“Our Grandioso shampoo and conditioner duo has been created to add extra volume to hair and uses naturally derived ingredients to boost hair, giving it amazing body and shine throughout!” says Ferretti.

He adds, that while many conditioners leave hair heavy and weighed down, the advantage of the Grandioso Volumising Conditioner is that it softens the hair while giving it a lightweight fullness.

Inspired by the plentiful, lush landscapes of Umbria, the green heart of Italy, these products work best when used together in your haircare routine.

Strengthen Fine Hair with a Treatment That Volumises Simultaneously

Continuing with our Grandioso collection, Ferretti also had a lot to say about our award-winning volumising spray. Infused with magnifici volumising ingredients like jojoba, ginseng, and almond, this weightless formula enhances hair’s natural volume and movement while lifting it at the roots. The result: a splendid “bounce” to your locks!

From our hair maestro, Grandioso Volumizzante Spray ha proprietà rinforzanti e crea allo stesso tempo un notevole volume alle radici! It can be used on damp or dry hair – whether blow-dried or left to air dry naturally – it is the BEST volumiser on the market.”

Not only is this iconic award-winning formula FANTASTIC at creating an instant natural-look volume, it is also vegan friendly and animal cruelty free – along with the rest of the Grandioso collection.

Use the Right Blow-Dry Products and TechniquesImage of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Favoloso volumising mousse.

The last and equally valuable piece of Rossano Ferretti’s expert advice is to apply the right kind of blow-drying hair products and techniques to your hair when drying and styling it. Your precious hair is wonderful and beautiful, and deserves the utmost care when it comes to styling…

“Blow dry away from the roots and for air-drying, as hair air dries, occasionally tilt your head forwards and gently lift hair from the roots with your hands so the hair dries in place with the extra volume. If you’re looking to add volume to your natural waves, wind your fingers in a circular motion at your scalp while your head is tilted down. You’ll be amazed at how a simple technique like this can make a massive and AMAZING difference!” he says.

A volumising styling product can also make all the difference to hair that is fine, flat or limp. For this, we cannot recommend our Favoloso Volumising Mousse enough! This “hair raising” mousse can be used during both blow-drying and natural drying to amplify volume, movement, and texture (even more so when combined with a volumising blow-dry technique).

This revolutionary “no gas” styling mousse won’t weigh hair down – instead, it uses naturally derived ingredients such as ginseng, aloe vera, and vegan proteins to boost and add bounce to your beautiful locks! It’s, as we like to say, perfetta!

We’ll leave you with this:

Because Rossano Ferretti Parma truly believes in embracing natural beauty, all our luxury hair care products have been designed to enhance hair in the most gentle, natural way whilst still giving noticeable results (in most cases instantly!).


“We have been taking care of hair for three generations, and now we have the power to bring our expertise to your home.”

– Rossano Ferretti