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Extra Volume Shampoo 200ml



A gentle volumising formula to help lift & thicken flat, fine and thin hair. With over 92% naturally derived ingredients and Certified Botanicals like Ginseng & Bamboo, this sulphate free shampoo utilises innovative skincare technology to enhance natural-looking volume, bounce and shine. Inspired by the lush green heart of Italy.

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Volumises flat & fine hair by adding body, bounce & shine from root to tip.


A rich yet lightweight formula that has long-lasting benefits without weighing down fine hair.


Nutrients & antioxidants improve long term hair health for volumised hair that feels soft & resilient.


A harmonious combination of Mandarin, Patchouli & Oud spice notes evoke memories of warm summer evenings on the Tuscany coastline.

Q Does the shampoo lather less because it is sulphate-free?

A Yes, all our shampoos are sulphate-free & produce a gentle lather. Sulphates in conventional shampoos produce a lot of artificial lather but strip hair of natural oils.

Q When can I expect to see results? 

A If you have been using shampoos with chemicals it can take 3-4 washes to notice the full benefits of our more natural formulas, as it takes time for hair to naturally rebalance & recover.

Q How much do I need to use?

A Apply a coin-sized amount to your scalp & add a little water to emulsify. Remember, only a small amount of the concentrated formula is needed for effective results!

Q Is it safe for colour-treated hair & hair extensions?

A Yes, the Shampoo is safe for hair extensions & colour-treated hair. It does not strip away colour like harsher shampoos can.

Q Can the Shampoo help with thin or fine hair?

A Yes, it has a unique blend that enhances follicle health, adding root lift & volume. It helps hair retain moisture which can expand the hair diameter, for a fuller, more voluminous appearance.

Key Ingredients


Vitamins A, D, E & fatty acids help restructure & protect against moisture loss & dehydration


Vitamin B, C, Minerals & Lipids regenerative properties help restore balance to scalp & hair


Palmitoleic acid aids absorption. It soothes, calms, with antioxidants to protect hair

How to use

Step 1

Apply a small amount to wet hair

Step 2

Add water & massage into scalp & hair

Step 3

Rinse & repeat

Step 4

Rinse & proceed with Volumising Conditioner


Ferretti Legacy


Rossano’s legacy, rooted in familial artistry & beauty.