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Celebriamo La Primavera – Let’s Celebrate Spring! Our 2022 Springtime Campaign Is Here!

Feel the air stirring. See the earth unfold.

It’s time for re-awakening.

Welcome to our 2022 springtime campaign!

Celebriamo La Primavera!

Before the warm air starts to caress the wind, we bid winter, a time for calm reflection, arrivederci (goodbye).

Now, we welcome the rebirth of a new season – a season enriched with opportunities and blossoming with renewal. We look forward to the “buzz” of spring; the sounds, sights, scents, and tastes that burst with energy. We welcome the invigorating heat of the sun on our skin and hair!

Let’s celebrate spring!

The Rossano Ferretti mantra has always been centred around celebrating unique and natural hair beauty, and we carry this into the new season. This mantra is also the inspiration behind our 2022 spring shoot – see our models (who, believe it or not, are not actually professional models!) in action.. We love to connect with lovers of the RF brand who share our passion for embracing beautiful natural hair.

Together, the RF team celebrates individualism. But we also put a strong emphasis on unity. When we connect with others, we open doors for self-discovery and eventually, we find that we are comfortable in our own skin and hair. For some, this discovery is made early, for others, more intervention is needed. And that’s where Rossano Ferretti Parma makes a difference.

“You and your hair are unique, and that is what makes you beautiful.”

– Rossano Ferretti

Our haircutting technique “The Method”, our natural approach, and our passion for natural flowing hair is aimed at making each of our clients aware of their true beauty.

We’re more than just a hair salon!

Our hair spas are in bloom!

We’ve been busy! During the colder months, we opened three new hair spas in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai and we refurbished our Milan location.

These luxury hair salons are ready to cater to your “spring hair.” Beautiful and luxurious, each hair spa is equipped with cutting-edge equipment (no pun intended) and hair artists trained by Rossano Ferretti and Directtore artistico Lorenza Ferretti themselves.

This means that for spring 2022, we will continue to set the trend for exclusive Italian designer haircare that enhances natural beauty.

Let’s just say that we are ready to put that “spring” in your step!

Loving nature the natural way…

Focusing on our products for the season ahead, our approach is still natural, in every essence.

We have excelled at introducing a line of luxury haircare products that are infused with natural ingredients and are also cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

“Our products are crafted using the best natural ingredients from across the world, formulated, in Italy, by our team of Italian artisans and skincare specialists and tested across our world salons by our expert hairdressers.”

– Rossano Ferretti

Beautifully scented for a spring “awakening”, our product range is refreshing and perfect for treating hair that’s become dry and lifeless during winter. Our range has also grown and now features a lavish assortment of shampoos, conditioners and masks, and styling products for all hairstyles and hair types.


With our roots in Italy, we flourish!

For us, Italy is the centre of culture and beauty. As the landscape becomes greener and spring unfolds, this beauty becomes more evident. This is why we look to our home for inspiration, churning our ideas into processes that can be shared globally so that we can unify the world one hair cut or one hair treatment at a time!

Beautiful Tuscany landscape, set in rolling green hills, as seen from the walls of Motepulciano

Our passion for hair artistry is rooted firmly in Italy, where we have flourished to cater to countries across the globe.

With this in mind, we wish you a happy spring! May it be a time of inner and outer beauty for you. May you find your purpose, and may you find comfort in others as we unify and share the love.