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Palazzo Marchi – A Story of Art & Beauty

This Winter, step inside a majestic palace, where timeless charm meets natural beauty….

Some regard winter as a time of dormancy, but we view it as a time for splendour and romance. Ignite the fire within you this season and drift effortlessly into your inner dreams and desires…

Embellished In Heritage

Our winter campaign is proudly set in the famous Palazzo Marchi, the heart of Parma (the heart of our hair artistry). This magnificent eighteenth-century building reflects our passion for luxurious and authentic, unique beauty. It also emanates an energy that empowers and instils strength and confidence in anyone who embraces it.

Adorned with timeless charm as envisioned by Duke Scipione Grillo in 1770, now owned by the Marchi family, this breathtaking architectural masterpiece sets the scene for our exquisite protagonists. Each flaunting natural hair that’s enhanced by Rossano Ferretti hair artists and our collection of Italian designer hair products.

“Parma for me means family, heritage, authenticity and artistic beauty. The things, in my work I have strived to perfect, everyday, throughout my life. Parma is renewal and inspiration.”

– Rossano Ferretti


Our protagonists, captured by photographer Alessandro Meloni and filmmaker Alessandro Luisi, ascend along the beautiful and imposing marble staircase of the Palazzo Marchi.

Sculptures by the neoclassical artist Giuseppe Carra overlook the stage. The atmosphere is invigorating and captivates the heart and soul in the most poignant of ways, impassioned and transcendent.  Whether this historical grandeur is interpreted literally or metaphorically, this Rossano Ferretti campaign, once again, speaks to the deeply curious by drawing from values of self-discovery and self-expression.

Become The Maestro Of Your Own Storia

A casual stroll through the corridors and rooms of the Palazzo Marchi tells a story of European artistic heritage. Inspirational drawings and prints by Petitot and Bossi illustrate these stories, allowing them to unfold and meld into one’s own personal expression and depiction of what defines true beauty.

Embrace change as new themes arise and allow them to warm your soul as you enter a new season, literally and figuratively. Pay attention to nuances that shape you, and let them highlight your authentic, artistic self.

“Personal hair beauty is an artistic language, told in several ways. Each story holds its own splendour and imagination, as seen through the eyes of the beauty beholder. The only eyes, of course, that should ever matter.”

– Rossano Ferretti

Our passion for hair artistry is rooted firmly in Italian culture. It elates us that we can share our heritage by professionally catering to all types of beautiful hair needs globally!

Through our artwork, we get to share our story while we help individuals to illustrate their personalities (bringing their stories to life even when the days are quiet and cold).

With this in mind, we wish you a warm, invigorating winter. We hope you brave the chilly air and find yourself at a Rossano Ferretti HairSpa – or cosied up at home with your perfect Rossano Ferretti Parma haircare. From all of us at Rossano Ferretti, we wish you a beautiful space where you can safely and unapologetically unfold into who you are.


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