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Embrace and Bring Out Your Natural Curls – FAQ

Your hair is your crowning glory and those curls you’re rocking, they’re more valuable than the rarest gems! That’s why we encourage you to embrace your natural curls and tousles and flaunt them alla moda!

In this FAQ, we discuss how to bring out your natural curls so that your kinks, coils, and curls are fabulous enough for the red carpet. Here goes.

Natural Curls Q&A:

Q: How to Style Natural Curly Hair?

A: The great thing about naturally curly hair is that you don’t need to use hot styling tools to get perfect waves and ringlets. All you need to do is “twist and press.”

After you wash your hair, gently twist and press sections with your towel to remove excess water. Then, allow your curls to air dry. A curl-enhancing serum will also help to give your twists that perfect definition. For this, we suggest Favoloso Perfect Curls Enhancing Serum (a new Italian-inspired formula recently added to our collection). This luxury hair care product will help you to get those fairy tale face framing-curls.

The “twist and press” method is also a great alternative to rubbing your hair dry vigorously with a towel – which will leave your hair frazzled with wayward frizzy strands.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's Favoloso perfect curls enhancing serum.Q: How to enhance your natural curls?

A: If you love your curls so much that you want to bring them out and play in all their glory, then we have 4 different curl-enhancing techniques for you.

  • Use the diffuser on your hair to dry your hair (on a medium heat setting). Apply Favoloso Serum before styling for the best results.
  • Amplify the texture of your curls with Favoloso Movement Spray. Inspired by summers on the beaches of Sicily, this luxury spray invigorates, softens, and conditions curly locks to create beautiful flowing curls. As a plus, it can be used on hair that’s dried naturally or blow waved.
  • To revive flat curls and amplify their volume, Favoloso Volumising Mousse is a must! A partner in crime to Favoloso Movement Spray, this genius product can even be used on fine curls without losing definition.
  • A quick way to tighten your curls is to dry your hair upside down. Scrunch Favoloso Volumising Mousse into your hair and then continue to scrunch while drying. This technique is also useful for those who have straight hair but want to know how to get natural curls.

Q: My hair is naturally curly but won’t curl anymore. What can I do to revive my curls?

A: One of the most common reasons why curly hair loses its bounce and definition is lack of moisture. When your strands are dry, they’re likely to fall limply and will be straighter than usual. Well-conditioned hair, on the other hand, helps to keep curls light, bouncy, and naturally shiny.

Our solution is to quench your dry, brittle curls with Intenso Softening and Smoothing Mask (for thicker hair) and our Dolce Repair and Nourish Hair Mask (for dry hair). Both these products will deeply hydrate your hair and seal in moisture.

A pre-wash treatment such as Rossano Ferretti’s Prodigio Regenerating Treatment can also condition your locks so that they are in their best curly health.

Guy showing Rossano Ferretti Parma's Brillante protect and shine oil in his hands. Q: How can I stop my curls from frizzing?

A: Frizzy curls or frizzy hair, in general can be frustrating and enough to rain on anyone’s parade. But if you have your hands on our award-winning Brillante Protective and Shining Oil – you’re sorted!

Keep frizz at bay with 1-2 drops of Brillante oil, focusing on the ends of your hair only. The result is smooth, defined, glossy curls with no oily residue!

With summer on the horizon, now’s the time to take control of your coils and curls! With our helpful advice above, fabulous, enhanced curls are easy!