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Hard water harming your hair? Here’s how to stop it! 

With luscious locks being a timeless symbol of health and beauty, ensuring the purity of the water they come into contact with is paramount. The term “hard water” might be thrown around frequently, but what does it truly signify? And is hard water bad for your hair? Let’s dive in. 

What is Hard Water? 

Hard water is simply water that’s rich in dissolved minerals, notably copper, magnesium, chlorine, and calcium. While our bodies might benefit from some of these minerals, our hair vehemently disagrees. Exposure to hard water can lead to build up, resulting in dryness and the stiffening of hair strands. 

The Effects of Hard Water on Hair 

The effects of hard water on hair are manifold. Over time, hair can become brittle, losing its natural bounce and becoming prone to tangling, increasing the likelihood of it becoming matted. For more insights on dealing with matted hair, here’s a dedicated article. Hard water can also tamper with the hair’s texture and lead to a gradual fading of its colour. Depending on where you reside, the hardness of water can vary considerably. It’s worthwhile to be informed about the water quality in your area and whether your shower system has an in-built filtration process. 

Girl in a shower washing her hair


Protecting Your Hair from Hard Water 

Install a Shower Filter: A primary defence against hard water, shower filters help to filter out excess minerals, ensuring softer water for your hair. 

Opt for Smaller Softener Systems: Compact and cost-effective, smaller softening systems are a practical solution to combat hard water. Designed to reduce mineral concentrations, they provide gentler water for your hair without the heft of larger units or hefty investments. A wise choice for both hair health and your wallet. 

Use Clarifying Shampoos: Rossano Ferretti Parma has curated a selection of sulphate-free shampoos to help cleanse and clarify hair, each formula tailored for specific hair needs. These shampoos are designed to breakdown the harsh chemical bonds and deposits that hard water introduces. 

1. Grandioso Shampoo enhances the natural volume in fine, flat hair;

2. Dolce Shampoo provides much needed nourishment to dry or damaged tresses;

3. Intenso Shampoo caters to hydrating and smoothing ultra-thick curly hair;

4. Vita Shampoo is the perfect formula for maintaining the elegance, strength and suppleness of aging hair.

Rossano Ferretti Parma's shampoos


Embrace Leave-in Conditioners: The Vivace Leave In Conditioner is a stellar solution. It not only counteracts the damage inflicted by hard water but also deeply hydrates, restores, and continues to nourish your hair after your shampoo and condition routine. Perfect for hair in need of extra hydration.  

Why Choose Rossano Ferretti Parma? 

With a carefully curated collection of products meticulously crafted to combat the detrimental effects of hard water, Rossano Ferretti Parma stands at the forefront of hair care solutions. Our creations, born from over 3 decades of expertise and tried-and-tested methodologies, have transformed the hair journeys of thousands. Let your hair embrace the Rossano Ferretti experience and witness the magic for yourself. 

Rossano Ferretti Parma's serums and oils


In Conclusion: Hard water can be a silent assailant, but armed with knowledge and Italian Designer Haircare, your hair can continue to radiate health and beauty, in a natural and authentic way.