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How to Effectively Detangle Matted Hair

Nobody wants to see their once radiant tresses transform into a tangled, matted mess.  Fortunately, with a meticulous hair care routine and a touch of TLC, tangled strands can be transformed. Dive in as we unravel the mystery of matted hair and how to set it free. 

 What is Matted Hair? 

Think of matted hair as the uninvited guest to your hair party. They manifest as extreme knots and tangles, resulting in clumps of hair that feel increasingly frustrating to the scalp. For many, they can be so bad that the only way out seems to be a scissor-shortcut. 

 The Roots of Matted Hair 

Several factors can put you at a greater risk for matted hair: 

Hair type and texture: Those with dry, brittle, over-treated, or curly/frizzy hair are prime candidates. 

A parched scalp: A dry scalp can contribute to the chaos. 

Neglect: Not brushing for prolonged periods can invite the tangles. 

Trapped impurities: Dirt, sweat, and product build-up from infrequent washes can play culprits too. 

Image of a girl brushing her wet hair.


The Road to Redemption 

Before you reach for those shears, let’s journey through the best way to detangle matted hair without cutting: 

Begin with dampness: Slightly wet hair can be more malleable. 

Cleanse gently: Use a sulphate-free shampoo such as the Dolce Nourishing Shampoo, designed for dry and damaged hair, to loosen the dirt and product residue. 

Handle with care: After washing, pat dry to prevent breakage. 

Deep Nourish: Apply a deep conditioner, (Dolce Nourishing Mask), detangling spray (Vivace Leave In Conditioner), or a nourishing oil generously over the matted sections. Let it rest for 30-60 minutes (or as per the product’s guidelines). 

Brush Right: Employ a comb or detangle brush, ensuring you move gently, unravelling from the tips upwards. 

Rinse and Repeat: Post-detangling, cleanse once more if required. 

Prevention – The Keymaster 

Remember, prevention is the best way to tackle matted hair. Here’s how: 

Moisturise religiously: Both hair and scalp require hydration. (Check out our guide on How to hydrate hair and keep it healthy). 

Brush regularly: Especially after washing. 

Indulge: Regularly treat your hair with deep conditioning sessions. 

Snip regularly: Regular haircuts ensure dead ends don’t wreak havoc. 

Avoid harsh chemicals: Use products devoid of harsh chemicals [such as Rossano Ferretti Parma!], and if in doubt, consult a stylist. To book a consultation with a Rossano Ferretti Hair Artist, find your nearest Rossano Ferretti Salon. 

Image of a girl getting her hair washed at a hair salon station.

Why Rossano Ferretti? 

At Rossano Ferretti Parma, we don’t just offer unique hair care; we combine the world’s best hair formulas, inspired by innovative skincare technology and combine it with over three decades of research, expertise and experience. Our luxury haircare collections are: 

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free 
  • Free of Harsh Chemicals 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Up to 98% Naturally-Derived Ingredients 
  • Certified Organic Botanicals 
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  • 100% Made In Italy 

image of a citrus plant and its fruits.

Your Next Step 

Empower your hair journey with Rossano Ferretti Parma. Explore our exquisite range, locate your nearest salon, or indulge in our hair quiz to unveil bespoke products tailor-made for your hair. 

Set your locks free, the Rossano way. 

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