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Luxury haircare

Looking for a luxury haircare routine? Here is what you need to consider

They say that change is as good as a holiday and perhaps all you need to make life more interesting is to step up to a luxury haircare routine? If you’re over the monotonous sequence of “lather, rinse, repeat” and feel like you need to make some improvements (and a touch of luxury) in the hair department, then you’ll LOVE this guide!

Below, we’ll help you to determine what your hair is in dire need of, and we’ll steer you in the direction of natural haircare products that will give you noticeably different results. We’re all about making you look luxuriously fabulous after all!

What needs to be considered before establishing the perfect luxury haircare routine?

An effective hair care routine needs thought. As tempting as it is to buy the pretty-looking bottle of shampoo you saw at your local grocer, you need to consider certain factors first. The 4 main factors include:


1. Your natural hair texture or type

Image of Rossano Ferretti Parma's Intenso smoothing serum

Hair types tend to be fine, thick, or coarse and fall into 1 of 4 categories:

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coily/kinky

Each hair type can come with its own set of issues. For example, fine straight hair tends to get oilier quicker and can appear listless if not treated with a volumising shampoo. Thick curly hair is often unruly and near impossible to tame unless you have just the right smoothing and detangling treatment at your disposal.

Once you’ve identified your hair type, you’ll have a better idea of which new hair products are actually going to work for you.


2. Whether your hair has been bleached or colour-treated

If your hair has been bleached, dyed, or chemically processed, then your routine may need added “oomph” to keep your treatment vibrant and your locks in optimal health. A colour enhancing shampoo and conditioner will help to seal in your colour and an intense hair mask should be applied weekly to moisturise and nourish hair that’s been through a stressful bleaching process.


3. Hair problems that you want to address with luxury haircare

It’s normal to have at least one gripe with your hair. Common hair problems include:

  • Frizzy flyaway strands that won’t settle
  • Dry tresses that hang listlessly
  • Flaky scalp and dandruff-riddled locks
  • Oily, limp hair that needs to be washed often
  • Unruly curls that are hard to tame
  • Damaged strands that are difficult to style
  • Hair that takes forever to grow

If you can put a finger on what really irks you about your hair, then you can incorporate a solution into your haircare routine. Whether you’re in need of a dry scalp treatment or a hair growth treatment, making sure you take the step to get your hands on the right product is a defining moment!


4. Your hair expectations

Your hair problems may coincide with your hair expectations. We all want hair that looks a certain way, and this is where you put some thought into how you can reach those luxurious hair goals.

Perhaps you want to straighten out your curls so that they’re smooth and easier to style? Maybe you want to create textured beach waves so that your hair doesn’t always hang limp? Shiny hair that glows? You’ve got it!

Once you know what you expect from your hair, then you can shop for luxury haircare products that can help you to attain the luscious locks you’ve always dreamed of.


There’s more to a hair care routine than the best luxury haircare products

Maintain a healthy diet

A balanced diet that’s enriched with protein, iron, and healthy fats is essential if you want hair that’s compliant and radiantly healthy. Proteins help to strengthen and revitalise hair, iron adds energy to strands and helps to prevent hair loss, and healthy fats can help to keep hair moisturised.

Remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate your locks! Together with the right luxury haircare products at your disposable, you’ll be well on your way to undeniably gorgeous, healthier looking hair.

Luxury haircare


Use hot styling tools correctly

If you insist on heat-styling your hair every day, be smart about it. Avoid the hottest setting on your hairdryer and don’t apply the heat too close to your strands. Heat damage is real! Even straighteners and curling tongs can permanently destroy your locks. If you must use your hot tools, keep them on a cooler setting and apply a quality heat protection product beforehand (this should be a permanent addition to your luxury haircare or styling routines).


Wash your hair less often

Washing your hair less often doesn’t mean that you’re going to be traipsing around with soiled locks, or at least it shouldn’t. The right type of shampoo will be able to keep your hair cleaner for longer and you can apply co-washes in-between shampoo washing to maintain clean and fresh hair. Dry shampoo is also an option.

When you wash your hair too often, you strip it of its natural oils. These oils are essential to your strands because they nourish them with wholesome goodness. You’ll find that the luxury haircare at Rossano Ferretti is so rich and high-quality, that a little bit goes a long way, lasting you way longer than other highly diluted formulas. Plus, this is one way to shorten your routine!


Go natural as often as possible

Your hair needs a rest from everything it endures, so give it a break when the opportunity arises and “go natural”. Let your hair air-dry, avoid heated styling products, and keep it out of a ponytail or tight headband to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft. In other words, just let your hair down and relax!

If you still need your locks to look good, infuse them with gentle and natural hair care products as they air dry.


Our recipe above includes all the ingredients you will need to create a hair care routine that’s going to leave you satisfied and utterly refreshed. You too can have designer locks when you have the right products at your fingertips!