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Macadamia Oil, the Healthy Hair Ingredient

Macadamia nuts (sometimes referred to as seeds) aren’t just a delicious snack. They have a ton of benefits for your body and have been used in health and beauty treatments for centuries. You’ll find the oil pressed from the nuts in body lotions, in make-up brands, and in hair products.

In this article, we’ll dish up the full scoop on macadamia oil for hair!

The Macadamia Tree

The roots of the macadamia tree originated in Australia but the trees also flourish in areas such as South Africa, Brazil, California, Costa Rica, Israel, Bolivia, New Zealand, Colombia, Guatemala, and Hawaii. The trees love tropical climates and when grown in the right soil, they will sprout lush and glossy leaves and flaunt thick clusters of pinkish-white flowers. Their main attraction, however, is their bounty of soft and flavourful nuts.

Often referred to as “the queen of nuts”, macadamia nuts are rich and creamy in flavour and are loaded with an oil that has an amazing number of different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. When this oil is pressed from the nuts, it can be consumed or used topically to nourish and even heal the body.

The oil is transparent and has a slight yellow tinge to it. It is light, non-greasy, and absorbs easily into the skin and hair shaft (it makes an excellent carrier oil for essential oils).

Image of a macadamia tree

What Nutrients Are Found in Macadamia Nuts?

The nut oil contains one of the highest sources of essential fatty acids (the good kind of fat). It’s extremely rich in iron, phosphorus, palmitoleic acid, B complex vitamins, and calcium. It’s also abundant in proteins and vitamin E – two natural ingredients that work wonders at repairing and softening skin and hair.

The Benefits of Macadamia Oil for Your Hair

Macadamia oil has a wonderful way of deeply penetrating hair so that the strands are left stronger, softer, and healthier than before. Overall, macadamia oil has the following benefits for hair:

It Reduces Breakage

The nutrients in macadamia oil, particularly the proteins, penetrate hair follicles to increase elasticity and strength. The proteins in the oil can also help repair some of the damage done to the proteins that make up the hair itself. So, not only does it help to reduce the chances of breakage, but it also restores already-broken follicles so that hair is left supple and in good condition.

It Controls Frizz

The properties in macadamia oil have the ability to control and smoothen frizzy hair. This is because it coats the strands with nourishing vitamins and fatty acids that help to return hair cuticles and the rest of the strands to their normal structure. This light coating also provides a protective layer that reduces the amount of water vapor that is absorbed by the follicles, thus preventing humidity from causing frizzy and untameable hair.

It Hydrates and Moisturizes

Our bodies naturally produce palmitoleic acid – a component that works to replenish moisture that’s lost in hair and skin. As we age, however, the amount of palmitoleic acid that’s naturally produced decreases. And that’s where macadamia oil makes a difference. The palmitoleic found in the nut oil works to restore the acid to the normal quantities and hydrates and moisturises hair and your scalp in the process.

It Absorbs Free Radicals

Macadamia nuts include many antioxidants such as vitamin E and squalene. These antioxidants protect hair from free radical damage – which is a very good thing because, if left unchecked, these molecules can change the cellular makeup of proteins and alter the natural DNA. By absorbing free radicals, the antioxidants in macadamia oil ensure that hair remains healthy and in its original state.

Image of a girl with long, curly red hair.

Hair Products with Macadamia

Rather than trying to use pure macadamia oil for hair, opt for products that are rich in it. We can proudly recommend the following natural hair shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, all of which include macadamia oil:

Image showing the products of Rossano Ferretti Parma. The featured products are the Intenso Smoothing Routine, the Grandioso Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Prodigio Regenerating Treatment and Oil.


Are There Any Risks?

Macadamia oil is a safe ingredient for almost everyone to use on their hair – unless you are allergic to tree nuts. If you have a nut allergy, you may have a negative reaction to macadamia oil. However, the oil does not contain many of the proteins that trigger a reaction, so the chances that you do react to macadamia oil are slim.

A good rule of thumb when trying any new product is to do a patch test. Dab a small amount onto the inside of your arm and if there is no reaction within 24 hours, it should be safe to use. If allergy symptoms do arise, discontinue use immediately.

What Other Health Benefits Do Macadamia Nuts Have?

Macadamia nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats (healthy fats) and they also contain plenty of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support your overall health and well-being. Research and studies have shown that macadamia oil:

  • Helps to keep your heart healthy
  • Can curb your appetite
  • Improves skin elasticity and appearance
  • Can strengthen your bones
  • May help reduce heart disease
  • Promotes brain health
  • Can reduce the onset of cancer
  • Can reduce the risk of diabetes
  • Can lower inflammation

Now, when you think of macadamia nuts – you no longer need to categorise them as an exotic delicacy. You can also think of them as silky skin and hair that’s full of body and shine.